Steve Chapman Finds a Nut

If only Republicans weren’t such racist assholes these days, he laments:

Time was, Republicans could appreciate how people would be so determined to enter the Promised Land that they would ignore the law. It was the GOP iconRonald Reagan who in 1986 supported and signed an immigration bill offering absolution to nearly 3 million undocumented foreigners.

“I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though some time back they may have entered illegally,” he declared unashamedly.

The Dream Act once had considerable Republican support.Robert Gates, George W. Bush‘s defense secretary, endorsed it. Texas Gov.Rick Perry defended it in presidential debates.Richard Lugar, the longest serving U.S. senator in Indiana history, signed on as the chief GOP sponsor. When it came up in 2007, it had the support of a dozen Republican senators.

But that was before anti-immigrant fever infected the party. Lugar is facing a primary challenge from atea party favorite endorsed by the Americans for LegalImmigration Political Action Committee — which has called undocumented foreigners “Nazis” who “have set up ethnic cleansing zones.” So the usually steadfast Lugar dropped the bill like a hot stove.

Why yes. Once upon a time, Republicans kept the racists in the basement, chained to the walls, while everybody had their nice cocktail party upstairs. Now, those same people who for years voted Republican to keep the browns in their proper place actually have the temerity to demand to be seen in public with the politicians they support, and it’s having ACTUAL CONSEQUENCES.



4 thoughts on “Steve Chapman Finds a Nut

  1. I’d say basic, simple, human greed.
    When the economy isn’t doing well, all sorts of xenophobia raise their head. Not only anti-immigration, but getting rid of those who are already here. I’m expecting to hear any day about a move to get rid of all those dark skinned pacific islanders off our island of Hawaii.
    Just using one of the most (overly) simplistic measures of the economy, go to and look at the Dow Jones Avg (or S&P 500 for a broader swatch of the economy). Undere Reagan, the first 2 years went down but he recovered and in his second term things looked pretty good – so he could afford to be magnanimous and let those poor immigrants in.
    Interestingly, Bush II was the only 2-term prez who left the market lower than when he entered office in the last 50 years (I didn’t go further back as there are too many conflicting, confounding variables – in short, things were a lot different at various times from 1930 to 1960).
    Under Obama, it took a couple of months to turn around the Bush Freefall but since then, the market has been growing although there are a lot of pending threats (economies of Greece and Spain, the lingering effect of Bush’s Axis of Evil, consumer psychology). With 1/4 of the people crying that the sky is falling, there is an upturn in worried people translating into more xenophobia, more need to carry guns, etc.

  2. Southern, my guess is that the KKKarl Roves will continue to push for anti-“breathing while latino” laws due to the high rates of crime. Terror. Terror. Terror. (like a local news story on the rules for corporal punishment in the local schools had one commenter that brought out govt statistics to show the problems, and the next commenter said that if we started using more corporal punishment we ****may**** see improvements in the kids behavior. My though is if we use more, we ******may****** see more UFOs, too).
    At the same time, the Roves will simultaneously spin that Obama has corrupted the nation so much that not even the Mexicans want to be here.

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