This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

For true.

So, as everyone in the world has noted by now, the President has affirmed his support for marriage equality.

This would seem to be, to borrow a phrase, a big fucking deal. It’s time for those of us on the progressive side of things to down a shot, do a victory lap, and shout WOOOOOOOO in the face of the nearest homophobe we can find (I’d suggest checking the glory hole in the local GOP clubhouse restroom).

But of course that can’t happen. At least 1/3 of the people commenting on my Facebook feed said something along the lines of “Finally” or “At last” or “Dick Cheney said this in 2004” or “His record on equal rights is abominable” or the like.

People: Enjoy this. It’s called victory, and it’s a big one. The goddamned President of the United States of goddamned America just publicly stated that he’s in favor of marriage equality. Of course he said that it should be a state matter, becausemarriage is a fucking state-by-state matter. DOMA is some unconstitutional bullshit that would get struck down by any SCOTUS that wasn’t peopled by the insane hacks that currently sit in five of the seats.

Yes, this should have happened sooner; really, it never should have been an issue at all. But we don’t live in a utopia. The fucking President of the United States is on the record as being on the correct side on this one.This has never happened for this issue before.

Smell that? It smells like victory. And wedding bouquets.

5 thoughts on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. Came home tonight thinking to post something along these lines. Of COURSE this doesn’t go far enough. It’s not ever supposed to be enough. We should not ever be able to sit back and go, “Okay, our politicians have shit sufficiently covered in a progressive fashion,” because then we’re giving them license to slack. We should ALWAYS have to push forward on this and every other issue that has to do with people’s freedom to live their lives under the full protection of the law. We should ALWAYS be pushing harder.
    But saying that this isn’t enough doesn’t mean it’s nothing. And I for one am glad to hear the rights of friends affirmed by the president of the United States, and also to be happy Obama finally recognized that he was gonna be the president of forced gay marriages and mandatory buttsex no matter what he did so he might as well EARN IT.

  2. a little late to the party, but damn glad he’s here

  3. and from now on every time he talks about it I want him to call it marriage equality (the official frank luntz approved term if luntz weren’t such an asswipe ;}

  4. Yes, I agree with you completely. Come on, people, celebrate already! Post away on FB, preface all your conversation with strangers with “Did you hear that the President is for marriage equality?”, shout it from the rooftops!

  5. You guys who whine are spoiled brats. This is BIG. When I was a kid, I cried with tears of joy when the civil rights act passed. When Obama was called in 2008 when PA went Blue, I opened champagne. It is hard and long to win big ones. And this is a fucking big one.

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