5 thoughts on “Fuck yeah, Mr. President

  1. Can’t wait for this week’s installment of Tommy T among the Freeperati.
    Over at Lucianne.com, the theory is being floated that the all-powerful gays were going to out Obama as one of their own unless he endorsed same-sex marriage.

  2. I’m waiting for the Right Wing Noise Machine to go to Warp 11…

  3. I hope some closeted Repubs come out in support of President Obama and totally start to shatter the rightwing nutjobs. (not saying it will happen, but I hope)

  4. It amazes me how fast this is happening. 8 years ago gay marriage may have defeated A’s boyfriend and now Obama has come out for it. Sure there was some pushing and prodding but it’s happened.

  5. Elspeth, there has already been a hint of that here in rural MO. Repubs in control, having nothing better to do, tried (and still trying) to force a “Don’t Say Gay” bill.
    History of our state reps was a dem who was well admired. Repubs ran a young guy who toed the party purity line on everything and talked of how he was the better candidate because of being in the military (Zack Wyatt). After 2 terms of lockstep with the party line (and also various politics such as filing ethics charges against the local judge who isn’t repub – including getting a lot of press that he was doing it but without a cricket chirp that it died in committee. For that matter, a strong history of press interviews on how he is introducing this or cosponsoring that in order to make the penalties tougher – only for it to die in committee), he is resigning to study marine biology in Hawaii. On his way out, he broke party ranks to say he was againsst the bill and also outed himself, including the abuse / harassment he had taken.
    The comments to the web pages of the news media are going wild with all sorts of people trying to come to terms that the repub darling was / is gay to rather angry homophobic remarks.

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