NOLA Notes: Who needs a daily paper?


New Orleans does, that’s who. I was off the grid when the news started bubbling on the tweeter tube so I learned about the treachery, malakatude and douchebaggery of the suits at Newhouse from A right here on lil’ ole First Draft. My twitter and facebook feeds are on fire with the news plus the Gambit’s estimable editor, Kevin Allman, has posted amemo sent to staff by the retiring publisher and NOLA nob, Ashton Phelps:

The story, which can be accessed throughthis link, details the formation of NOLA Media Group, a digitally focused company that will launch this fall and that will develop new and innovative ways to deliver news and information to the company’s online and mobile readers. NOLA Media Group will be led by Ricky Mathews. Also this fall, The Times-Picayune will begin publishing a more robust newspaper on a reduced schedule of Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays only.

More robust? With 1/3 of the staff fired? This is known in the reality based community as blowing smoke up one’s ass. One of the many appalling things about this story is that is such a horrible web site. It’s ugly, items are thrown on the net without regard to importance and it’s very hard to search internally, I often have to consult with Mr. Google to find anything therein. In short, is user hostile as well as loaded with hateful and racist comments from its users. Some replacement.

The primary reason that New Orleans needs a daily paper is that it’s such a fucking great news town. The Picayune story is just one of the big headlines today. Here’s my favorite: Archie Jefferson, the brother of imprisoned ex-Congressman Dollar Bill is suspected of murdering his wife and got involved in a brawl at her funeral. You cannot make this shit up, y’all. Oh yeah, ourshiny headed fool of a former Mayor, Ray Nagin, seems to be under investigation and at least one of his former minions has rolled.

You may have noticed that the previous 2 links are to WWL-TV news. We’re lucky in New Orleans that the local teevee news is pretty darn good:WWL is the leader of the pack butWVUE andWDSU also have good news teams. We’re also blessed with an excellent weekly inthe Gambitand a fine online news site, The Lens but none of them can replace a daily paper. Despite all my carping and teasing over the the years, the Picayune is a good newspaper; especially its metro news team under Metro Editor and crack investigative reporter, Gordon Russell. I’m acquainted with Gordon and he’s been known to bust my chops for referring to the paper as the Times-Pravda for its slanted political coverage. I remain unrepentant about that but I’m very sorry that outside ownership is about to decimate a vital local institution.

8 thoughts on “NOLA Notes: Who needs a daily paper?

  1. mass says:

    No Saturday paper during football season is stupid.
    You lose the prep coverage from Friday night and the LSU pregame shit. No Monday paper, no Saints coverage.
    That’s the way to generate ad revenue — destroy your sports section in a football-crazed state.

  2. MapleStreet says:

    If all the news comes from USA Today as a national newspaper, who is gonna not only expose the local corruption, but also keep the local powers in the knowledge that someone is looking over their shoulder?
    The only alternative is we only investigate events from you tubes that went viral.

  3. mass says:

    What is this “local corruption” of which you speak?

  4. courtney says:

    By now, you may have heard that the three major-city newspapers Advance owns in Alabama are getting the same coverage-ectomy: three days a week in print, and hope for the best on the web site.
    That’s Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama, joining the Crescent City in the first ranks of the least informed. Hard to think of any other four cities in the country more in need of daily newspaper coverage…

  5. adrastos says:

    @Courtney: Yup, heard it. The pukes at Newhouse are raping the gulf coast in their own way.

  6. MapleStreet says:

    Mass, I worded that poorly. Not specific to anything in NOLA. But rather thinking about a world covered by a national paper, who would keep an eye on what is happening locally.
    Doesn’t matter where you live, there’s always something covered up that needs to see the light of day.

  7. This is a tragedy. is a mess. I, too, have to go through Google to search for a story in the newspaper, because their search function is so shitty. I hate to say it out of concern for the staff who will still have their jobs, but this is the beginning of the end.

  8. Lex says:

    [[No Saturday paper during football season is stupid. You lose the prep coverage from Friday night and the LSU pregame shit. No Monday paper, no Saints coverage. That’s the way to generate ad revenue — destroy your sports section in a football-crazed state.]]
    Notwithstanding the fact that I spent 25 years in the bidness, surely I am not the first person to think that a sports-only print edition Saturdays and Mondays would be profitable even if a full paper wouldn’t be.

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