Trust and Honor: Game of Thrones Thread

Spoilers inside. Hold on to your direwolves because Jaime Lannister is about to become awesome. Yeah. Don’t worry, it blew my entire fucking mind the first time around, too.

Quick takes: Umf, Ygritte. Was anybody not secretly thinking, when Jon was resisting her advances, “Look, buddy, if you’re not gonna put a ring on it then get out the way?” There are certain lines I’ve been waiting to hear this season, and “You know nothing, Jon Snow” is one of them. There’s some interview with George RR Martin where he refers to Ygritte as Jon’s teacher, and she is.

Speaking of umf, Jorah. Armor and unrequited love.

Dany’s eyebrows have become TERRIFYING.

Tywin/Arya exposition > Littlefinger/whore exposition. In fact, tonight there was no Littlefinger at all, and it was GLORIOUS.

HODOR! Drink!

Theon and the burnt corpses are going to haunt my nightmares for weeks. I keep reading these defenses of Theon, and I know what’s coming and I still wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

I go back and forth on the show’s humanizing of Cersei. On the one hand, Happy Mother’s Day from HBO with that scene about “Yeah, my kid is an irredeemable sociopath who in my heart of hearts I know should just die so Myrcella can take this shit over.” On the other, when you have Lena Headey around it doesn’t make much sense to just have her chew scenery as The Official Bitch-Villain.

CATELYN STARK IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. She just fucks everything up, utterly. There is no point in this entire story in which she is not a complete and utter disaster in every strategic sense, and tonight was no exception. The Karstarks are an important ally, and they want to kill Jaime Lannister, so instead of saying “Let’s settle this away OVER HERE in my tent where everybody can’t hear me calling you an asshole,” she tears them a new one in front of the entire dung-smeared mob. Even Brienne is like, “Girl, no.”

Catelyn is fierce about it, too. I feel like she and Laura Roslin could do shots and compare notes on going batshit crazy nuts for great justice.

We’ve been watching this show and the show’s pretty up front about it: This isn’t what you think it is, all knights and tournaments and Honor of Camelot and shit. The show is pretty explicit from day one that if that’s what you’re here for, you are going to get pissed off, but people watch this show, and … they get pissed off, when the main character’s killed off two-thirds of the way through the first season, and somebody you thought was evil gets secretly awesome, and the heroes make decisions that would lead to anybody else being cast as the villain. I could write entire novels about fandom entitlement and the fine distinctions people make in exactly how much rope they’re willing to give showrunners from which to hang, but the fact of the matter is, the show doesn’t follow the rules.

And it’s because the story doesn’t follow the rules. What if it’s not what you thought it was about? What if the king massacres the innocent, Jaime Lannister asks? The Kingslayer, who fucked his sister and tried to kill our sweet Bran, who’d kill Robb and Catelyn given half the chance, he asks the question: What if my act of treason was an act of courage? Can you make the leap and believe that of him, bound and bloody and chained to a post and deserving of every kick the Starks give him?

The show’s been telling us all along he’s a horrible betrayer, a man with no honor. What does it mean if he’s not?


5 thoughts on “Trust and Honor: Game of Thrones Thread

  1. It means that nothing is ever ‘black or white’ or what we thought. When an oath is more important that REALITY, the fucking rules SHOULD change! History is littered with examples of Heroe’s making a horrific choice to serve the greater good, and seemingly evil monsters that are capable of compassion or tenderness that would put a saint to shame. Some people can walk both sides of the line and be quite comfortable and capable. That’s life. It doesn’t follow many rules either. It’s what I love about the Ice and Fire series. “All the dragon’s are dead” yeah, right! “winter is coming” You better believe it. 🙂

  2. This – “I feel like she and Laura Roslin could do shots and compare notes on going batshit crazy nuts for great justice.” – is the best comparison ever. 🙂

  3. I am really liking Maisie Williams’s Arya in these scenes with Tywin – the way she goes back and forth from clever sly spy to “I eat a lot!” little kid.

  4. Tywin doesn’t strike as the sort to chum with serving children, but when you have a Magnificent Bastard like Charles Dance, you need an excuse to get him on screen.

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