Everyone Must Get Screwed

So apparently today is Be Extra Stupid today.Glad I found out about that before I went into the office:

Act 10 came up in the first question of the night. Asked whether it had been good for the state, and whether he would do it again, Fitzgerald replied that it had been necessary to “claw back” from a place where unions held too much power and public employees had been insulated from the economic downturn.

Right. Because it’s only fair that people who have not been cheated out of the kind of middle-class life that used to be the norm for everyone get hosed completely so that everyone who’s not a squillionaire suffers terribly. You know, I’ve heard this from acquaintances I don’t consider unintelligent, in the past year or so since the protests began, like how dare teachers feel “entitled” to things like pensions and health insurance, as if these are insane things like free foot massages and bring-a-kitten-to-work days.


6 thoughts on “Everyone Must Get Screwed

  1. Not just squillionaires / the 1 %. (Although remember the Bush expression in the debates when he was asked how the economy effected him.)
    But how has the economy affected the Governor, Senator, State Legislators, and even down to the Mayors? As Plato wanted to invent as a myth, those who govern and supervise are different. (And lets ignore that the people they oppose are the ones who get their hands dirty by doing the actual work.)_

  2. Let’s just call a spade a spade here.
    It’s Biblical … these cretinous misanthropes believe that to have little is to deserve losing everything, while to have much means being entitled to having everything.

  3. …and public employees had been insulated from the economic downturn.
    Seems like he accidentally told us the plan.

  4. Gee, isn’t making sure that *everyone* deserves the same thing, as in
    1) hey, those public employees have better health care than I do, wtf?
    2) hey, I’m suffering from the economic downturn, but those public employees aren’t, wtf?
    Well, dang, I kind of thought that when we try to make things the same for everyone, it’s called socialism…
    CHOICES, people, CHOICES. You chose to live or die by the free enterprise system or start a small business or whatever. I chose to have the security of a pension system and group healthcare in return for less money up front. I kind of made that decision because it seemed, I don’t know, more PRUDENT.
    And now, turns out it was. But you want to fuck that up for me because your choice didn’t pan out so good.
    I believe the correct response is Boo Fucking Hoo.

  5. Guess that’s how well Reagan Kool-Aid worked. What was once the accepted norm is now something “everyone agrees” you’re not entitles to–at least if they don’t have it, either (no thanks to 30years of Reaganomics).

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