Weekend Question Thread

I’m spending the weekend staffing a table at the city’s literary festival, so by Monday I will be sunburnt, but well-educated.

What’s your town’s local summer festival?


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  1. Fun Fourth Festival in downtown Greensboro on Independence Day; some years it draws 80,000 people to a relatively small part of downtown.
    Slightly higher on the geek spectrum is the fall downtown arts festival, 17 Days, which is Sept. 21-Oct. 8 this year. Y’all come! (Full disclosure: My employer hosts several 17 Days events, but most of them are free.)

  2. My town is having one of their many “close the streets and mess up traffic” fests this weekend. Judging by what I saw this morning they should name it “Throw your trash and vomit on the neighborhood lawns fest”.
    Or just teenage drunk fest, volume 1.

  3. Down here summer is break time, except for maybe a fireworks show on 4th of July. Of course, the real festivals are in New Orleans, but BR has an annual spring blues fest followed by an arts and crafts fest a couple of weeks later, and now a country music festival at the LSU football stadium.
    No literary festival…hmmm…speaks volumes, eh.
    To be fair, this year they revived a late fall book festival that wasn’t bad for a town this size. And, credit where it’s due — the driving force was Republican Lt. Governor and Rowan Atkinson/Mr. Bean lookalike Jay Dardenne.

  4. in milwaukee what fest do we NOT have? oh yeah, where’s the scandanavian fest?
    NO, i do NOT do summerfest.

  5. I just got back from a Taste of Road Construction on Montrose. It’s a BBQ where passengers are roasted on a CTA bus.

  6. In that direction there is “The Gig” in Gig Harbor and The Scandinavian Nordic Fest and in that direction there is the Sustainable Living Fair and back in the other direction there is the PAL Art Festival then in the other direction there is the KP Fair and the Ren Fair, a bit further North is the Wooden Boat Festival and the season ends with Bumbershoot in Seattle. There are a bunch of other ones surrounding me in various small communities. We pretty much Festival every weekend somewhere in the Puget Sound area.

  7. Update: I guess last night was a real hooligan extravaganza, so today I ventured to the fest and EVERY cross street is guarded by a cop and EVERY entrance (it’s a free fest) has signs stating “NOONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ADMITTED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT PARENT OR GUARDIAN!”
    And there was some kind of monetary fine attached.
    I found a few stolen bikes on my lawn this morning, so I guess the High School Class of 2012 is spitting out a bunch of drunken thieves who can’t hold their liquor and can’t ride a bike while blasted.
    Good bands today, though.

  8. Ummm…summer isn’t really a celebratory time in Phoenix. All our good stuff happens in the winter.

  9. I just got back from one of the many, many street fairs in NYC. This one was in the Forest Hills section on Austin Street. This street fair usually has some decent vendors. There are also lots of different kinds of food vendors at these things. There are a number of fairs in different sections of the City on the same day. (They do mess up traffic quite a bit.)
    The main literary street fair is usually in the fall.

  10. I used to live in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Our big summer festival celebrated the changing of the towns name from Hot Springs to T or C in response to a challenge from Ralph Edwards, the host of the Truth or Consequences radio show in 1950.
    Which goes to demonstrate EXACTLY how often exciting things happen in T or C, NM.
    Razor Eddie

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