Lab Rats

That’s what New Orleanians are to the powers that be: lab rats. It started with the charterization of the school system and attack upon the teachers unions in Orleans Parish. Now it’s spread to our media. Read new Picayune publisher Ricky (I’m a Saints fan) Mathews’ patronizing lecture and Jack Davis’ guest post at the Gambit blog. Then, bang your head against the wall.

All we want is to be normal again. Guess this is the new normal.

2 thoughts on “Lab Rats

  1. Makes me want to throw up. With half the news staff, Newhouse will publish a knock-’em-dead online website that we’ll all rush to read? And why don’t the powers at NewHouse just do a clean kill to the paper version, instead of subjecting the rag to a lingering, painful death?

  2. Well, you can always hope that a favorable mutation of the “lab rat” pops up.
    “What do you want do today, Pinky?”

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