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  1. it;’s not mine, but a green ‘velvet’. sage green. but accent pillows. no ask me about my estate sale furniture finds. or resale. i have a big pink resale shop deco chair i got for $5 and a rummage sale orange 30’s chair also $5. oh, and my desk chair. it’s either 50’s or 60’s dinning table arm chair. upholstered arms. padded back. buttons everwhere, yeah, reeeeeely needs recovering, but the cats LOVE it. they cat ride it behind me as i pute. that chair was $12. and only scratches the surface.
    and if i DID have my perfect couch, it would be empire 1840’s. with lots of heavy wood. or east lake. and i prefer love seats.

  2. High rolled arm, loveseat size, for corner lounging with supposedly scratch proof hahaha chenille fabric. First thing they did was open the underliner to stash their selves in. It’s twenty six years old and except for the claw marks on every corner is doing just fine. I made slip covers out of upholstry fabric remnant I found on eBay so the cat puke and grandchild puke are no worries. Washes right up.

  3. Totally the same story here. We got leather furniture because the cats supposedly wouldn’t tear it to shreds. It got destroyed in about 3 months, faster than our old-fashioned cloth one. So I’ve just kind of given up on having a house that doesn’t embarrass me in front of friends and neighbors.
    I just spent the past hour and a half trying to find the source of the cat pee smell in our bedroom. It’s not the dog beds, it’s not the bedding, or the towels, it’s not someone peeing under the bed. I fucking give up. I think someone maybe peed on my running shoes.
    I just have to let go and let sloth.

  4. A really old but really giant blue floral thing. Very comfy. We bought a green striped slip-cover after the dog wore a hole in one cushion. It’s good for 20 more years!

  5. We’ve got three, sort of. We’ve got dual reclining loveseats in the den/TV room so we can both spread out with our books, magazines, newspapers, computers, iPods, and in the case of Ms. RAM, her quilting. Then we’ve got our regular couch in the living room for company which my grandmother bought used in 1928. Back then, they called them davenports. We got it recovered and completely rebuilt back about 1985. The fabric must be some sort of secret government program gone awry because it looks as good now as it did lo those many years ago despite the three dogs and three cats we’ve owned since then, and two current 4-year-old grandtwins.

  6. My Boo’s couch is a (I imagine) once-upon-time comfy thing. It’s a medium brown ‘chenielle’ textile that leaves you with ‘waffle butt’ at best… The feather and down-type stuffing has worked its way through the inner liners and sitting on it w/clothing less thick than workmen’s denim jeans is hazardous to your delicate skin. To boot, the loose back cushions’ filling has sagged over the years (thanks to gravity and his cats that perch on them squishing them into a more ovoid form) leaving them tilting ever forward and just flat out uncomfortable to be there. The cats (all 5 now) seem to find the couch, chair & a half, ottoman quite to their taste, thus the medium brown is more greyed out due to the mélange of feline fur.
    I don’t want to change my man, but let it be known: his furnishings (the living room suite, the bed, the nightstands and his desk) are not leaving California with us.

  7. As a family who keeps cats along with a Mastiff, I’ve watched our very comfortable sofa turn into a patchwork on the arms and front edges over the years. I jokingly suggested to the wife that if we haul the sofa to Louisiana when we move in July, that we hire it recovered in Kevlar.

  8. My couch looks like a large pile of laundry most of the time.
    Hey, it’s clean laundry at least.

  9. As you know, we have a very large and comfy red monstrosity -it really is looking bad -so we cover it with a blanket or bedspread! But it is really really really comfortable and you don’t want to get up once you’ve sat down! It is already promised to a friend’s daughter who asked us (10 year ago!)to leave it to her when we died…and I said if we still had it then, it was hers! I keep on trying to get her to take it now -off to college with her, but Baltimore is a little far for her to transport it!

  10. Dr. A, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: your sofa is what all sofas should aspire to be. You and Adrastos can sit in either corner and still be far enough apart to get comfy and yet close enough to hold hands along the back. (I think i have a pic of y’all doing just that, or it’s one of my fave brain-stored images of y’all) And, yeah, it’s a yummy ‘will to live sucking’ place of repose. Soooo comfy! 🙂

  11. It also has good kitty karma. It’s associated with the late great Pogo who regarded it as her office and it’s where Oscar doles out O-love including to the FD boss lady.

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