Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Sioux Spaceman

I’m fond of Westerns and as I’m overly fond of saying they’re the root of most of today’s action genres. Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of the grandaddies of sci-fi and his books gave their heroes a space helmet instead of a stetson; other than Tarzan who was hatless except when Cheetah sat on his head.

This week’s pulp cover takes that whole mixed hat thing to it’s logical extreme:

Sioux Spaceman

6 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Sioux Spaceman

  1. The guys chained in back have exactly the same posture as people walking down the street staring at their cellphones.

  2. He’s Harvey Birdman. God, I miss that show.
    “I haven’t seen my wife in months. She’s probably with Harvey Birdman. Or better yet, with another woman.”

  3. Can’t use Sioux, Ad! The NCAA will COME AFTER YOU.
    That cover is just unreal. And awesomely delicious in a warped way.

  4. Wow, I had some of those Ace double novel paperbacks given to me by an older cousin when I was a kid. You flipped them over lengthwise and there was another front cover and novel upside down to the first.

  5. I still have my copy of this. Her best in this period was Sargasso of Space and The Crossroads of time.

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