Fox News, Kids: In Honor of Freedom, Fat People Should Die


Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel appeared on Fox Business Tuesday afternoon and expressed strong resentment for having to provide more health care coverage to sicker Americans in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the constitutionality of Obamacare.


SIEGEL: Tom, that the untold story. There has been no consideration to the fact that many physicians do not take insurance. Many surgeons don’t take insurance…The more Obamacare floods the gate, the less they will take insurance. If they’re not getting paid and an insurance company says, I have to cut somewhere.

They are forcing me to cover all pre-existing conditions, which sounds great. Let’s take care of everybody’s pre-existing condition. You lie on the couch for 30 years, you never exercise, you gain weight, you eat all the wrong foods, you get diabetes and now you have Obamacare. But the fact is, doctors don’t have to play ball with it. If they are not paid enough they won’t play ball with it.

Right. So people who gained weight for other reasons will be accepted by this great humanitarian, because his phone questionnaire prior to granting an appointment will be something along the lines of what is your favorite snack food, and how many hours of MASH re-runs do you watch per day (WHY IS IT ON ALL THE TIME DON’T THEY KNOW IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO ANYTHING ELSE WHILE IT’S ON?) and do you do yoga while you watch it or something?

There is this horror story that has been going around since the health care debate started, about undeserving shitty people who will get health care that, I dunno, rightly belongs to Olympic athletes or something, as if people would deliberately make themselves fat and sick because that’s like winning the lottery around here. I don’t know if anybody’s noticed but fat people seem to be treated kind of shittily by everyone regardless of how or why they are fat, so it’s not like it’s an automatic boon for them or something. And nobody wants to be sick, for any reason, anytime, at all.

I think we keep missing that, in this high-minded conversation we keep having about fat pieces of shit who should have known that very first pork rind was their mortal enemy. Nobody wants to be sick. Nobody tries to get sick. The reasons they end up sick are, generally, not obvious at first, and a lot of them have to do with the bad luck of being born into a family in which eating a single piece of string cheese leads to Administrative Ass.

And that there is no way around this is the real reason the entire insurance system and the way we decide who is worthy of health care needs to die in a fire. Because nobody’s a great risk. Nobody is not about to die. Nobody is safe. That’s the thing we’re all so determined not to think about. You can run every single day and wind up with a tumor. I know a guy who had a heart attack while taking a fucking nap. I don’t know how many of you have had serious health problems but once you start learning about how your body actually works, about all the things that can go wrong inside you, you start looking at it with horrified fascination and asking who the fuck designed this thing? It is so perilously easy for these machines to fail. You’d go nuts if you concentrated on it too long.

Much less if you started concentrating on all the things that can go wrong with everybody else. So it has to be something they did, to make thesmelves unworthy.


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  1. That’s just the sort of small-minded greed-headed provincial ignorance I’d expect from Fox.
    Somehow, all the other even moderately wealthy countries manage to care for everyone, spend less, kill fewer babies, and provide longer lifespans. I guess only Americans are freeloaders? (Sounds like he has a pretty poor opinion of his country.) Furthermore, all the non-medical things that actually enhance health — things that pry people’s butts out of their giant motorized cages, for example — are not, not, not on the conservative agenda. Higher taxes on fuel? Nope. Higher taxes on cars? Nope. Spend money on serious cycling infrastructure? Nope, only commies ride bikes. Kids get hit crossing roads, don’t charge the driver, charge the mom instead (because experts agree, it’s always Mom’s fault, at least if Mom is black).
    It might be the case that gross inequality causes stress, causes poor health; conservatives don’t even want to talk about that, that would be Class Warfare.

  2. You know those tylenol you took every day to deal with the horrendous headache pain that you couldn’t afford to go to the doctor to get treatment for just destroyed your liver and now you don’t deserve treatment because you did it to yourself by believing the advertisment about how doctors think tylenol is the medication hospitals use most.
    Obviously Faux agrees with insurance companies that sick people don’t deserve coverage cuz they’re sick. Only healthy people deserve insurance.
    It’s not about the money. It’s the morality. That’s the ticket.

  3. You know, I just finished watching the final episode of the HBO documentary The Weight of the Nation (highly recommended) which is the one the that talks about how our fucked up policies in this country contribute to our obesity epidemic. Do we fucking subsidize broccoli in this country? Fuck no. We subsidize corn. We make corn and soybeans our primary crops, and then use those subsidized crops to create CHEAP food that is really bad for us. Then we don’t build bike paths, can’t have parks, and we shame mothers who don’t drive their kids to school for not keeping them safe because you can’t allow them to walk four blocks. We work at jobs that have us sitting for ten hours then driving for one. We have all this public policy and societal pressures that lead us towards sedentary lives with crappy diets.
    They can use your fucking zip code to predict obesity. If you are poor, you are more likely to be overweight, and you are more likely to develop health problems that don’t get addressed because you have no affordable health care. Part of this is food deserts and part of this is the subsidized shit being the most profitable and the least healthy.
    Then we blame the fatties for being fat and say they shouldn’t get health care. Fuck that. Obesity is a huge part of our health care costs, and it is going to continue to increase, but we can’t have rational policy to address that because ADM will make fewer profits, so Instead it’s all about unworthy fatties getting their diabetes meds on my dime. Fuck that too.
    The deck is totally stacked against most of us, and it seems hopeless, until you see the end of that episode, where people are trying in small ways to make it better and overcome the entrenched industries that work against us. These women in Santa Ana fought for 7 fucking years to get permits to turn a vacant lot an d landowner agreed to let them use into a park. Cuz their kids didn’t have one, and had to wait for the cars to clear out of parking lots to have a place to play. But they fought, and they raised money, and for seven years they fought for their permits, and now they are going to have a park for their kids.
    I know, TL;DR but this selfish fucked up attitude where a decent quality of life has to be a zero sum game is just old. It’s old and it’s sad and we were better than that once. Time to be better than that again.

  4. Sounds strangely close to Faux news and “Dr.” Siegel (Dr in quotes as his demonstrated lack of ethics) are planning to be their own Death Panel?
    As usual, repub talking points are often projections of what they really want to do.

  5. Thank you for being one of the few to say that fat people are deserving of respect just like everyone else. So often I read that it’s all their fault, but I know many for whom it is not. The idea that some illnesses or just being a certain size is some kind of moral failing is disgusting, but all too common.

  6. The deck is stacked against all of us, for at least a dozen reasons. Nobody’s who’s breathing, drinking, eating, or rides in a car is any more worthy than anyone else. We’re all equally doomed.
    Read the CDC’s annual National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
    The majority of Americans are walking around with several hundred kinds of chemicals in their body that aren’t not supposed to be there. Arsenic, mercury, BPA, phalates, etc.

  7. I love this new GOP talking point I’ve been seeing everywhere, how doctors won’t work if they don’t get paid “enough” money.
    Doctors won’t work if they don’t get paid $300,000/year. But teachers and fire fighters? They’ll work for crap and peanuts.
    I say we pay doctors $38,000 a year and garnish their wages if they can’t make their student loans. See how hard the little bastards work then.
    (Full disclaimer: I’m a little bitter because, under our current wonderful free market healthcare system, which is SO MUCH BETTER than anything they have in Canada or Soviet Europe, I can’t get an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon until late August, at which point I will have been living with this excruciating pain from the bone spurs in my shoulder for nearly 3 months. And no pain pills. Because that would be wrong. I might get addicted!)

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