Dems Take Over Wisconsin Senate

Think the recall elections didn’t do any good? Lookee here.

Also, Mike Ellis is just a penis with a suit on:

The position of Senate Majority Leader now goes to Mark Miller (D-Monona), who promptly named Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) as the new Joint Finance Committee co-chair, a position she will share with Republican Rep. Robin Vos.

“You’re the Majority Leader. You can do whatever you want,” Ellis told Miller.

Miller countered that it was the job of the Majority Leader to respect the voices of the minority party and the general public, too.


2 thoughts on “Dems Take Over Wisconsin Senate

  1. If Mike Ellis didn’t wear a tie, the foreskin would flap up in front of his face.

  2. “it is the job of the majority leader to respect…”
    Anyone fill in Boehner on this?

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