Everything Is The Internet’s Fault

Except when it’s all the fault oflaziness, stupidity, failure to do basic management of a contractor, being cheap and shitty generally, and all the hallmarks of what great newspapers have turned themselves into.

After dropping the use of an outsourced news service for its “hyperlocal” content, the editor of the Chicago Tribune said Monday that the paper’s regular staff and “trusted free-lancers” are now responsible for the content of the TribLocal suburban news websites.

Oof. I’ve had good experiences with the local freelancers for my ‘hood’s TribLocal site, and knowing how much shit they must be taking for upper management’s fuckups here makes me want to send them donuts. Or bourbon.

Speaking of shitty, is anything as brutal to the reading experience as massive amounts of Google ads scattered at random? I’m not opposed to the idea of making money but there just has to be a better way to do that.


One thought on “Everything Is The Internet’s Fault

  1. I assume that the “trusted” either doesn’t get paid, or gets paid a pittance without benefits (making the job effectively under minimum wage) and definitely don’t get paid enough to fact check or to lead to any sort of continuity of the position. I also assume a lot of the “trusted” are people with a passion for some specific events (home decorating, the local flower show, meetings of the local BPOE, all the way to government conspiracies).

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