Cold War Nostalgia

I grew up during the Cold War. It seemed to be insoluble but it got solved in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Yay, team Velvet Revolution. The Soviet Union went out of business but somebody forgot to tell Mitt and the bunch because they keep referring to that non-existent country:

…longtime Republican diplomat Rich Williamson, a Romney adviser, speaking at the Brookings Institution Wednesday. Williamson was condemning the Obama approach to Syria. He called the country “strategically important to the Soviet Union.”


It’s true that modern-day Russia is an ally of Syria — and has been accused of standing in the way of plans by the U.S. and other nations to aid the rebellion in that country — Williamson’s slip puts him in the pantheon of Romney supporters who have made similar missteps about the Soviets when attacking Obama’s foreign policy.

• In April, Romney adviser and former Navy secretary John Lehman accused Obama of not doing enough to protect America from the Soviets in the Arctic.

“We’re seeing the Soviets pushing into the Arctic with no response from us,” he said on a Romney campaign conference call. “In fact, the only response is to announce the early retirement of the last remaining icebreaker.”

• That same month, Romney caught himself just after he fired off a warning about the Soviet threat.

“Obama ‘entered into an agreement with the Soviets, excuse me, with Russia’ in the nuclear arms START treaty that effectively required the United States to reduce its weapons stockpile while allowing Russia to increase its stockpile,” Romney said on April 20.

The Bushies were able to substitute the terrists for the commies but Mitt’s minions are running on nostalgia as well as fumes. Me, I’m not nostalgic for the arms race and the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) doctrine. Silly me. Of course, Michelle Bachman is nostalgic for McCarthyism, one of the Cold War’s uglier spin offs.

Since they’re being nostalgic, it’s my turn. Here’s the Big Three at Postdam at the dawn of the Cold War:


Hmm, I wonder if Romney has rubbished Clem Attlee, the father of the National Health Service, while he’s racing about London hanging out with Tory pols and being nostalgic for the good old days of the white man’s burden. If he hates Obamneycare, he must really hate actual socialized medicine…

7 thoughts on “Cold War Nostalgia

  1. Melds well that Obama is repeatedly referred to in Russian terms (communist, Leninist, Marxist, Socialist).
    Only I wonder how much the Red Menace resonates with anyone under the age of 50.
    And Sandman, may I add the idea of bullying as shown by Romney holding down a kid for a haircut and Bush in a sports game with his competetor in an armlock and Bush taking a punch at him.

  2. Here’s to the British people, who voted Churchill’s drunk tired ass out of office and put in the guy who installed national health care.
    The moral of the story? War sucks, living is good.

  3. @JJJ: And in the UK, Attlee is regarded as the greatest PM of the 20th Century and deservedly so. Winne was, however, a hoot.

  4. Unfortunately, the arms race continues apace. The competitors, however, are now Social Security and Medicare…

  5. I remember some of the reading they made us do in school about foreign policy, and although it was a while ago from what I remember the armies we should be worried about are the fearsome Huns. And Austria-Hungary too.

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