Legitimate Rape

So this asshole.

Forget for a moment the positively CHARMING idea that women canwill a pregnancy into or out of being. (Which throws the whole pro-lifers vs. IVF thing into a new light, like if we crazy bitches just wanted a baby harder, we could make it happen without offending Jesus by freezing embryos.)

Let’s just deal for a moment with the “legitimate” rape comment, as it differentiates that kind of rape from all the other rape out there. There is some kind of thing going on where people think there’san epidemic of fake rape accusations. These people saw one lifetime movie or one report about one accusation and suddenly all the women who ever reported a rape were just doing it for the … attention? All the prizes you get?

What do they think happens to women who report they’ve been raped/ Do they think those women all get free candy and presents? Do they think those women aren’t called whores, don’t have their sanity questioned, aren’t blamed for being tipsy or being dressed a certain way or going a certain place or daring to be outdoors at a certain time? Do they think it’s fun to have people dig into their sexual histories, examine their behavior, and generally do everything but deal with the fact that something horrible happened to them that they did nothing to cause or deserve?

Maybe they should try it sometime. See how legitimate it feels.


9 thoughts on “Legitimate Rape

  1. The official, “scientific” explanation for the “rape victims don’t get pregnant” was “high stress prevents ovulation”. The implication was that if the woman didn’t experience enough stress to prevent ovulation, she wasn’t “really” raped. (I have no idea how they explained away women who had already ovulated…)
    I hadn’t actually heard this tripe for a long time. I’m guessing they retired it when they realized that hormonal contraception also works by preventing ovulation, and they couldn’t claim the pill was just like abortion if they acknowledged that pregnancy doesn’t occur the instant a man ejaculates.
    Looks like someone didn’t get the memo…

  2. White, male, rich…when they can get pregnant I’ll listen to their opinions on birth control and abortions.

  3. don’t forget rape slivka.
    the belief crowd doesn’t let reality matter. because a rape child is worthy perpetuation of DNA.
    i think i heard from some science person that you are more likely to conceive thru rape. sort of makes sense for blacks w/ white males in their past. DUH.

  4. The purpose of promoting this 17th century myth is to ban emergency contraception by declaring it unnecessary. If you were “legitimately” “honorably” or “forcibly” raped you won’t conceive so you do not need contraception. If you become pregnant then you lied about being raped.
    They are broadening the definition of abortion to include contraception and narrowing the definition of rape to mean beaten into submission.
    The civil rights of women violate the religious rights of men. That is the battle that has been waged for three hundred years. Longer yet in other countries.

  5. Makes me proud to be from Missouri – where this sort of tripe plays well to the crowd /snark.
    What I don’t understand is why he would float this in the first place – as it shows mass ignorance and firm conclusions based on flawed knowledge (definitely not properties I want in my Senator). AFAIK, MO doesn’t have a law making you declare rape to get an abortion. So for the abortion debate, there isn’t even any reason for him to bring this up. In his defense, if he had said that the vast majority of abortions are not cases of rape, and stopped there, he would have been correct.
    Admittedly, the Repubs hate Claire McCaskill. So they are going to the extreme to fight her.
    BTW – I am pro-life but also anti-stupid.

  6. Just saw on CNN a story where Akin is apologizing for a bad choice of words. Saying that rape is never legitimate.
    Not surprisingly he isn’t apologizing for the ignorant misinformation.
    Story mainly concentrates on how the GOP structure is fighting to seperate themselves from this. (Their lack of ownership of the natural results of their rhetoric reminds me of how when someone says they aren’t abrasive, they are usually the most abrasive person possible).

  7. I hear ya, peterman. The USAF had an excellent record of intimidating rape victims right up until the Tailhook scandal, when the rape culture was uncovered for all to see.
    Funny how rape seems to be the only crime where if the cops charge the wrong person suddenly no crime took place.
    Athenea, you appear to have attracted an MRA rape apologist.

  8. So according to Akin – if someone is raped and they subsequently have a child, it means that she really wanted to be and liked being raped?
    Can’t imagine anyone ignorant enough to still make such a sexist statement.

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