Judge Tells Walker, Sit Down Like You Supposed To

This is how we Bucky:

Act 10, the controversial law that took away most collective bargaining rights from public employees, was struck down for being unconstitutional by a Dane County judge on Friday.

In his ruling on a lawsuit brought against the legislation by Madison Teachers, Inc. and Public Employees Local 61, which represents teachers in Milwaukee, Circuit Judge Juan B. Colas said Act 10 “violates the Wisconsin and U.S. constitutions’ guarantees of free speech and freedom of association.”

If money is speech, and corporations and unions are people, then you can’t infringe on their right to free speech. You wanna play it that way, then play it that way, son.


4 thoughts on “Judge Tells Walker, Sit Down Like You Supposed To

  1. Iowa unseated three State Supreme Court justices, and part of the right is trying to unseat more, because they ruled according to the law in a way that bigots didn’t like.

  2. @Joel, also saw running this weekend, Iowa Judge has overturned Secretary of State’s plans to challenge voters appearing in other databases as non-citizens. Bet there is wailing and gnashing of teeth over that !
    Unfortunately, what I am getting from the news article is that the ruling was procedural in that the SOS didn’t hold a public meetingb/ not a clear flag on how ill conceived the idea is.

  3. Thought of you A when I saw a news blurb on this last night.
    Unfortunately, as Pansy kids, the repubs have already been screaming liberal activist judge looking to make a name for himself. I haven’t read the details of the decision yet, but when are folks gonna understand that the judge has to rule according to law.

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