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  1. Raised Greek Orthodox. I stopped practicing years ago. I’m a confirmed agnostic and am getting increasingly sick of religious fanatics.

  2. lutheran. LCA to ELCA. meh. i believe in a creator god. spirit shit. but i still have lutheran issues w/ catholicism. lol. so mormons + the other cults…oh hell no.

  3. Age 0-10 Methodist
    10-15 Baptist church that was so fundamentalist that it wouldn’t join the SBC due to the liberalism in the SBC.
    Above church went defunct. Plus I moved around a lot. As for cburches a few Baptist Churches followed by Charismatic. Had a rather problematic time in my life and went back to plain vanilla Baptist as a respite to sort things out.
    Became (and remain) Catholic (Roman, although at the time I knew a Priest from and visited a church that was Melchite Byzantine – part of the hierarchy of Rome but worships in the Eastern Rite including more emphasis on the Byzantine spirituality – and had a serious conflict about whether to come into the Catholic Church as Roman or Melchite).
    In the last 10 years (age 45-present) have drifted away somewhat. Mainly due to being in a small rural area where the local Catholic Church has a large number of those who somehow manage to combine radical conservative thought (and you’d better agree with their debutante politics – take no prisoners) with christianity. (And admittedly, being raised Baptist, the Catholics have never managed to come close when it comes to including the social dimension in worship.)
    Sorry to be so long. But I got around.

  4. Raised vague (post/base chapel) Protestant, Presbyterian from 11 – 16, vague Protestant again to mid 20s, agnostic ’til 40s, now (60s) atheist.

  5. High-church Episcopal, smells and bells! I was a proud acolyte (alter boy in Catholic traditions) carrying the taper or cross or incense most Sundays.
    The Bishop who converted me literally disappeared wandering in the desert (I was the last person he ever confirmed). I took that as an Omen, if you know what I mean.
    The next time I was in church was at my mother’s funeral, and I had no idea when to stand, sit, pray, respond. I did find the rituals strangely comforting, I admit, but I’m more agnostic than fallen.

  6. 0-12: Pentecostal (everyone but us is going to Hell)
    12-15: You can’t drag me kicking and screaming to church.
    15-27: Methodist (everyone but Hitler and Stalin is going to Heaven)
    27-42: General Baptist (like Methodism, but with more people going to Hell)
    42-present: I attend two churches—the same General Baptist church as before but with much less adherence to conservative theology, and a United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ church where my AA sponsor is also the pastor. I also teach philosophy and religion courses for a community college and a four-year university. I don’t adhere to any single denomination or theology. I don’t even consider myself a “Christian”; the term I use is “follower of Christ.” I adhere to Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel to the extent I understand them. As I get older, I realize more that I understand them less. The only thing I know for sure is that he told us all to love each other, and when it comes to that, we all have a lot of room for improvement.
    But I’m trying, Ringo…I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd.

  7. Southern Baptist. Oh how I hated going to church Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. Geeze. I hated the hypocrisy that I saw in the adults and was confounded by the hypocrisy in the kids around me. Got to be 18 and I was gone. Now a happy agnostic. When we had a son we figured we would send him to an Episcopal private school till he was ready for middle school because we thought he needed to be aware of religion and what all that meant, but we were damned if we would sit through that shit again on his behalf. Seems to have worked out. Now all three of us are happy agnostics.

  8. Born, baptized, and confirmed Lutheran; went to Presbyterian church until I was 10 because it was just down the road; went to Lutheran church when one was started in our town; told my mother while I was in the hospital at age 14 (I was in the hospital a lot as a kid) that I didn’t think I ought to be confirmed because I really didn’t believe any of that stuff, which led to a truly epic meltdown on her part, so I got confirmed; still don’t believe any of that stuff. I did send both my kids to Sunday School until they were old enough to make their own decisions about the whole idea of religion. My daughter’s a strong athiest; my son is more spiritual, but not necessarily a Christian. My wife, born a Methodist, changed to Presbyterian in seventh grade when her folks moved here, is now a Lutheran, and actually seems to have faith, something that makes absolutely no sense to me at all, but live and let live, I say. Besides, her spaghetti and rhubarb cobbler are to die for.

  9. Raised in the Mormon church, was very devout til I went to college and started to think about all that stuff I just did by rote. Now an atheist.

  10. I wasn’t raised, I just grew.
    I because a Christian 22 years ago but had trouble figuring out what sect had room for me and my feminist ways. None was the conclusion I came to. I am a Red Letter Christian.

  11. Raised loosely Episcopalian, had a conversion experience at 16, went to a conservative charismatic church in college, then a high Episcopal one, bounced between Episcopal and Presbyterian (my husband’s background) for a number of years, am happy in a Presbyterian church with a diverse, smart, tolerant and caring congregation.

  12. I was raised to think for myself. In the context of your question mom took us to Presbyterian. I never practiced, ran as far as I could, as soon as I could, 12, and never slowed down. Haven’t regretted a moment.

  13. Raised Lutheran/Fundamentalist, parents are still hardcore religious right. Now somewhere between Agnostic and Deist.

  14. “Raised” Catholic, went to Catholic schools from first grade through college (!!), atheist since I was 15.

  15. Wow, just noticed: no (other/former) hindus, buddhists, jews, moslems, rastafarians, shintoists, taoists, wiccans, pagans…
    did i wander into the RNC by mistake? (ok, ok, just kidding!)

  16. Any time this question comes up there always seems to be a large number of 10-13 yr old who read the bible (or not) and went WTF, I’m outta here.
    Wonder why that is in that age range?

  17. Raised Methodist…didnt really feel the ‘spirit’. Started looking at other branches of xtianity in college…unfortunately went to a service at a non-denom ‘church’…got the 3-pc-polyester-suit-brimstone-fire-crap-and-über-anti-choice (we FLED from the building). Stopped worrying about church. Had a suite-mate who was Black (she didnt go for being called A-A) in the campus Gospel group and I fell in love with how they truly ‘felt’ their spirituality… Grew up feeling much more spiritual out in the woods, but couldn’t say that to my mom…(still haven’t). About 10 years back, finally admitted to myself and some others that I’m a Pagan gal, w/Witchy tendencies. But I’m not into the coven stuff or the Wiccan thing (too organized and thus reminded me of church). I have a couple of dear friends that I have done ritual with and it was great (energy, no nudity). I got wrapped up in the ‘stuff’ of Witchcraft, but have moved to a more zen-type approach: it’s the intention, not the props, per se. The accoutrements do help me focus becaus…SQUIRREL! But when I moved to SoCal last summer, I purged. I use the kitchen as my altar. My man is a fabu Atheist (like my dad!).
    Maybe now that I’m moving to NOLA, I’ll get a li’l /couple of job(s) and then a place for my man and I to move into and I can have a li’l altar to attend to, as I’ll be more grounded there.

  18. Raised nothing. We celebrated the Christian holidays — Christmas and Easter — and for some reason we said grace before the “big” family holiday dinners, not other mealtimes we were all together, just the big ones like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
    Every Christmas my mom, who was raised Catholic, would ask if anyone wanted to go to Midnight Mass and we never, ever did, so it became a family joke: “Mom, you going to Midnight Mass”?
    When I was little I went to an Episcopal church on my own and I mean literally on my own. I walked myself there. No one from the family ever went with me, even though I sang in the choir. That did not strike me as odd until I got older. I also went to Wednesday school at that church. My best friend Alex told me it was “really great! One week we have a party, and then one week we do something fun. And then another week we have a party! You should come!” So I went. It wasn’t that fun and there were no parties. All I remember is being read Charlotte’s Web.
    I also attended Hebrew school with my Jewish friends in junior high. I was just interested, I don’t know why.

  19. Raised lutheran; but none of it ever made any sense to me, and I was agnostic (though I didn’t yet know the word then) by the age of ten. Read the bible from start to finish in high school, and that finished me for christianity and judaism. Pretty much destroyed whatever interest I might once have had in religion in general.
    Atheist since high school, what Richard Dawkins would rate as a 6.9 recurring on his scale of 7.

  20. Raised Presbyterian, and took it seriously. Went to church camp, where I first met dogmatic literalists and creationists; lost my religion.
    Now complete but easygoing atheist and materialist.
    Still find beauty in the Bible, in the Tao Te Ching, in the Book of Common Prayer, and in the lyrics to the Dead’s “Ripple”.

  21. Another raised-Catholic gone atheist. It only made sense. Thanks, St. Clare’s! (No Catholic-bashing intended.)

  22. Raised Catholic in that I was baptized and went to Catholic School. Now…I haven’t been to church in over 20 years and couldn’t be arsed to care about religion one way or another.

  23. Raised Southern Baptist before the Southern Baptist Convention went crazy. Still vaguely Baptist in an American Baptist Convention sort of way.

  24. Yet another former Catholic turned into, to quote/agree with religious studies scholar Bart Ehrman, a happy agnostic. I like reading and learning about the history of religion, but less for the spiritual aspect and more for how it provides insight into human psyche and behavior.

  25. raised Methodist, altar boy and all that stuff. spent many years rolling through a variety of alt-spiritual nonsense, culminating in several years of quasi-Buddhist / Gurdjieffian bafflegab.
    Now? Happily and thoroughly atheist. The guitar is my altar these days. And I can prove it exists!

  26. Left the Catholic Church when I was sixteen (wasn’t at all appreciative about being harassed by a priest) and never felt bad about it for a moment.
    Diderot was right.

  27. I was raised catholic and I tell people I gave it up for lent the year of my 16th birthday. Today, atheist.

  28. Mennonite but living in a country where there are none. Sunday morning down here in the Antipodes and I’m spending another Sunday morning with words and sentences and books. Love the community and all the good souls of the Mennonites, the social justice, the simple living, the awareness that we aren’t the center of the world. But done with the narrow theology. Works, yes. Theology, no.

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