Mitt Don’t Delve

The “secret” Romney tape is starting to remind me of the Nixon
White House tapes only without the f-bombs or anti-Semitic paranoia. There’s
self-aggrandizement, self-pity and far too much self for my taste. And I’m not
talking about Kansas Jayhawks hoops coach Bill Self…

Now where was I?Oh
yeah, my *current* favorite bit of the tape:

All right, we have a potentially volatile situation but we sort of live with
it, and we kick the ball down the field and hope that ultimately, somehow,
something will happen and resolve it. We don’t go to war to try and resolve it
imminently. On the other hand, I got a call from a former secretary of state. I
won’t mention which one it was, but this individual said to me, you know, I
think there’s a prospect for a settlement between the Palestinians and the
Israelis after the Palestinian elections. I said, “Really?” And, you
know, his answer was, “Yes, I think there’s some prospect.” And I
didn’t delve into it.

There’s Romney’s peace plan in a nutshell. Let Bibi do whatever the hell wants while the US sits on the sidelines wringing its hands. How’s that for
strong leadership? It’s procrastination as a substitute for policy. In any
event, I’m sure Willard thinks that all Palestinians are terrorist moochers…

I don’t know about you, but if a former Secretary of State told me that
there’s a chance of a settlement after our election, I, for one, would delve.
The whole statement was a weird combination of know-it-all-ism and
know-nothingism if that makes any sense. Mitt is one of those guys who refuses
to listen because he thinks he knows everything when, in fact, he knows bupkis.

At the risk of sounding like a religious bigot, this is classic LDS male
crapola. Mormon men are raised to think of themselves as mini-Gods who have
reserved seats in the great luxury suite in the sky. The Willards among them
lack curiosity because God, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Ezra Taft Benson
are on their side or some such shit.

I guess I should stop. This whole post sounds like an exercise in delving…

7 thoughts on “Mitt Don’t Delve

  1. Current live former SoS:
    C Rice
    C Powell
    M Albright
    J Baker
    G Schultz
    H Kissinger
    A number of dead ones in-between. My guess is it was Henry.

  2. I think you’re on to something with the LDS remark. The “you don’t need to see my tax returns” position smacks of “you don’t need to see those golden tablets that the Angel Moroni gave me.”

  3. You’re definitely on to something with the LDS observation. My at-a-remove Mormon extended family’s pathology is on full display with the Mitt. But they’re not rich, so it’s a bit more tempered. The nephews think urine tests for welfare recipients are more than appropriate, since “we work so they don’t have to.” Additional humiliation for the poor will teach them to “take responsibility.” Male crapola with bragging rights.
    And I don’t care about the temple garments. That’s a whatever.

  4. Sorry — temple garments. Not thatyoumentioned them, but so many other people have enjoyed repeating “magic underwear.” Kinda counterproductive imho.

  5. Of course, if the only thing the President does in a 4 year term is to broker a significant step to understanding in the Mid-East, the Prez would be in line for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Of course, one doesn’t have to be Prez, or even county dog-catcher, to realize that the Israeli-Palestinian problem is one of the top threats to the world – including theat of nukes in Iran, threat of multinational conflict in the region including sucking in the superpowers, the recruiting of Terrorists, etc.
    And he wants to be world leader? He has shown he doesn’t grasp the most basic ideas. In this tape he shows that he doesn’t bother to listened to informed persons such as past Sec of State (even though the list from darrelplant shows that the SoS who are still living are overwhelmingly in the repub court).
    And of course, independent from Romney, our treatment of the Palestinian Election (which didn’t elect who we wanted) shows that we don’t care much about democracy.

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