This Ain’t No Freepathon: First Draft Fundraising Day 3

No, I’m not going to shut the site down and send the whole Internet home without its supper if we don’t get our way. That isn’t how this works. I can’t scare you with tales of server expenses and, I dunno, a new gas grill because mine got knocked over in the rain or something.

What I can tell you is that your contributions are a vote of confidence in what we’re building here. An independent place for commentary, discussion, fun, and good. A place for people who don’t just want to bitch about stuff. A place for people who want to make things better. A place to tell each other to get back up, and to figure out how.

Your contributions tell me that that’s something you think is worth doing every day, worth getting up and writing for, worth maintaining right down to the Freeper sewers and the filters full of Chinese porno spam. Your tips mean we can do what we want to do here, but they also mean you want us to keep doing it.

Hit the tip jar.We’re about a third of the way to our fundraising goal. I’d like to see us get there. I’d like to hear you think it’s worth it.


10 thoughts on “This Ain’t No Freepathon: First Draft Fundraising Day 3

  1. YOu all ARE worth it! Hopefully, in about 2 weeks, I will finally crawl on top of the shit heap that has been my financial situation for more than a year. I’ll be able donate then.
    Also, shouldn’t there be a picture of a ferret in a hat as a bribe?

  2. I was thinking Claire in a biker jacket, but a hat might be easier to get my hands on … Hmm…
    A frilly bonnet, as an homage to the humble beginnings of this blog?

  3. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately but I am still here and still cranky. I have no idea what your fundraising goal is but I tossed some pennies in the jar for you. Keep working it, A.

  4. it’s the least i can do after i barfed all over hte back of the van during the Republican Convention…

  5. Even though my current finances are such that I was only able to make a token donation, I want to thank you as an aid to keeping my sanity – as apparently the only non-extreme-right within a 2 hour drive.

  6. I chipped in. Figure I need to save the ferrets. And I’m totally up for a biker jacket with a “Rob Halford” hat.

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