Did Shrum switch sides or something?

The former Massachusetts governor and his wife, Ann, could have claimed more in deductions, the trustee of Romney’s blind trust said when the candidate’s 2011 tax returns were released.

But, Brad Malt acknowledged, the couple “limited their deductions of charitable contributions to conform to the governor’s statement in August, based on the January estimate of income, that he paid at least 13 percent in income taxes in each of the last 10 years.”

In other words, the governor made some shit up, and then we had to make it true. Not unusual in politics or life, but YOU DON’T EVER SAY THAT OUT LOUD. I know that, and my extensive experience in crisis PR consists of drunk dinner conversations with people who teach this stuff.

I have never seen anything this inept in my entire life. It is so inept I am starting to go to the eleven-dimensional-chess place, where I start fearing this is all part of some secret evil plan because they cannot be this bad.

I mean, they’re Republicans. They’ve been beating us blind for decades. All of a sudden it just all falls apart? I laugh and laugh and then a voice in the back of my head says don’t laugh too loud, something big must be coming down the pipe because this can’t be all there is, just this fucking assclown and this team of assclowns. I have seen better managed candidates for school board.


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  1. “something big must be coming down the pipe because this can’t be all there is, just this fucking assclown and this team of assclowns.” That’s right. The Breitbart vetting hasn’t yet finished! One more devastating exposé is on the way!

  2. “They’ve been beating us blind for decades. All of a sudden it just all falls apart?”
    Actually, yes it can. This has been 30 years of GOP policies that undermined and hollowed out our economy. The strength of our overall economy and the sheer hard work of the American people helped keep the middle class’ head above water.
    After the financial collapse, the average person just can’t hold position and is starting to slip backward. No one cares about gays, abortion etc when they are fighting to feed their families.

  3. It’s been slow to catch up with them, but they have always been this incompetent. Karma grinds slow someotimes, but it grinds exceedingly fine.

  4. @Alger, check out the Romney quote on the in-flight diversion of his Ann Romney’s airplane a few days ago. I get that Romney has CEO disease and consequently keeps babbling to explain things to people who usually work for you and have to keep smiling.
    But I don’t get how he released such a bad quote. The moment they heard Romney Plane diverted, the Romney camp should have known that it wouldn’t be long before the press asked Romney about it. A good press person would have drawn up a quick few words for Romney to say (or maybe they did and Romney ignored them like he did the speech writers for him in Tampa). It isn’t hard. Just off the top of my head.:
    Details are developing. As you have heard, an odor similar to an electrical problem was dected in Ann’s Airplane. As a precaution, the crew declared an in-flight emergency and landed back in?Denver?. Everything is OK. Ann is fine. (Then to add a little human-ness to it, after all he’s running for president and wants people to like him) I wish to thank the flight crew, the government agents, and airport staff for their diligence and hospitality extended to the one I love most. If you will excuse me, Ann is waiting for me on the phone.
    Instead, he made some rambling speech about how you couldn’t roll down a plane window. I’m not sure whether I should be more bothered that 1) the person one vote away from the presidency apparently got his knowledge of airplane windows by watching Waldo Pepper or 2) thinks the public is so stupid that they’re sitting around trying to open jetliner windows (kind of reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies routine when Bush got out of the WH and saw his first barcode scanner in the store. Or was it “Airport” that one of their jokes involved opening a jet window).

  5. The propaganda machine that the works for the GOP is doing such a wonderful job that the republican party could run Charlie Manson as their canditiate and he would receive as many votes as Romney will. Karl Rove once said that his main goal was to get the republicans in Washington and run this country under one party rule, which he believes would remain for decades. Now, that’s some scary shit. Between the voting machines, voter suppression amd their racist uneducated base, they just might get it done this time.

  6. karma grinds slow indeed. not only am i a historian but i work in the research department of a big-ass organization. a generation, sometimes two, is how long this shit takes. 30 years is about right, and it was 40 years ago that walter wriston set this whole thing in motion in the first place. just cause the news cycle has contracted during this same period of time doesn’t mean it still doesn’t take this long.

  7. Are you kidding? It’s the best-run No One Hates MORE of America than I Do campaign EVER!

  8. He can always file an adjustment to his tax returns to get back the money on the deductions that he didn’t take.
    There is a time limit (? 3 years?) to amend your return. But when he files the amendment, the current election is over. And for that matter, he can file an amendment and just **ahem** forget to make the amendment public.
    Would anyone catch it if, in the extreme case, he filed his taxes taking just the standard deductions, released this version to the public, and then filed but didn’t release the amendment to the public. Could he get away with publically claiming that he paid the maximum tax rate of any American?
    Slightly off this topic, in the past Romney made a comment to the effect that anyone who pays more taxes than are due isn’t fit to be president. So by his own words, he shouldn’t be president?

  9. I agree with algers, but I have this to add. The republican party does not care what it says or does. I have yet to see one person I know who is republican change one iota in their belief that Romney is their man. This along with the constant pandering of the Sunday talk shows to the batshit crazy wing, see Ann Coulter on the channel today, the solid,always on message talk radio of the right, voter suppression antics and Diebold voting machines, this guy could do anything and have a chance, a very good chance, to win this election

  10. I disagree. The Wingnuts have always been this inept and ugly minded, but for nearly 30 years now they have managed to hit that sweet spot where their halfbaked views on monetary policy, militarism, and generally fascistic governmental policies were obscured behind the shields of God Guns and Family.
    The worst part is that it isn’t even a secret, it wasn’t at the time. They told us so and dozens of heartfelt dead accurate warnings about Reagan, the Bushes, McCain came rolling off the presses but were ignored because critiquing any part of the Republican war machine was Unpatriotic Gay-Loving Anti-family Socialist Terrorism.
    The crisis of Romney’s campaign is half that he is an imperious incompetent who mistook his privilege for popularity, and half that the country no longer believes that fear of the republican party is the only thing keeping hordes of Communist Butt-Banging Islamo-Fascists from crossing the boarders, taking away our guns, and forcing white children to have mandatory abortions during evolution class.
    The list of things to be terrified over just got too long to hang together, but they have always been this dumb and incompetent. It says a lot about the equally incompetent opposition that they rarely banded together long enough to win elections when it mattered against these clowns.

  11. If he and his campaign are so inept, why should we assume he will be a great POTUS?
    Because Anne tells us so?
    Even she lies, that guy would not know empathy if it slapped him in the face.
    The 2 of them need to go back to their Country club and mix with their kind of people instead of “you people”.
    They obviously don’t want to be around or govern 1/2 the US. He’s alienated Eurpoe. Who is left?

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