Please Just Go Galt & Leave Us The Fuck Alone

I know it’s been said before like a thousand times but the overwhelming butthurt coming from our multimillionaire class has gottenway old. I’m tired of it, I really am. I would like you people to take a steaming cup of STFU and please, go Galt or go to your island in the Caribbean or the south of France or whatever better place you think exists for people like you and just leave the rest of us alone. We’ll clean up your mess, just like we always do. We’re used to it by now.

Today we learn that timeshare kingpin David Siegel, whose crashing empire was chronicled in the documentary “Queen of Versailles,”has sent a letter to his “valued employees” in which he tells them they will all be fired if President Obama gets reelected. Because of taxes and stuff. And fairness. And class war. And on and on.

So, y’know, no pressure or anything, just something to keep in mind as you head into the voting booth in a few weeks.

He writes:

Just think about this – most of you arrive at work in the morning and leave that afternoon and the rest of your time is yours to do as you please. But not me- there is no “off” button for me.When you leave the office, you are done and you have a weekend all to yourself. I unfortunately do not have that freedom. I eat, live, and breathe this company every minute of the day, every day of the week. There is no rest. There is no weekend. There is no happy hour. I know many of you work hard and do a great job, but I’m the one who has to sign every check, pay every expense, and make sure that this company continues to succeed. Unfortunately, what most people see is the nice house and the lavish lifestyle. What the press certainly does not want you to see, is the true story of the hard work and sacrifices I’ve made.

Now, the economy is falling apart and people like me who made all the right decisions and invested in themselves are being forced to bail out all the people who didn’t.

Now the economy is falling apart?Now? Where were you in October 2008, buddy? Remember who was president then? Your good buddy George W. Bush, the man whom you claim to have single-handedly re-elected in 2004 through “probably illegal” means (and I’m quoting you fromQueen Of Versailles here). You support people who treat the global economy like their personal gambling casino and when it all falls apart you want to blame us? Don’t think so, buddy. You created this mess, now you’ve got to live with it, just like the rest of the hoi polloi. You think you’re special? You’re not.

He closes with this:

You see, I can no longer support a system that penalizes the productive and gives to the unproductive. My motivation to work and to provide jobs will be destroyed, and with it, so will your opportunities.If that happens, you can find me in the Caribbean sitting on the beach, under a palm tree, retired, and with no employees to worry about.

Yes, please go. Go now. Don’t wait until November. You are a bloated leech on the hard work of the middle class, the real engine of our economy, and the very people whom you deride as living a worry-free existence thanks toyour sacrifice. This country would be better off without you. Ta-ta. Buh-bye.

I suppose I should be a little more gracious to these poor dears. I should find that last shred of Christian charity that still lurks somewhere deep in my soul. But right now I’m so over this shit, I can’t even be bothered to muster the energy to look for it.

14 thoughts on “Please Just Go Galt & Leave Us The Fuck Alone

  1. These people are a breathtaking combination of arrogance and cluelessness. It was their idiocy which caused the economic meltdown, yet their sense of entitlement and moral superiority is as strong as ever.They really feel it’s their right to order the world to work on their own terms and to their sole benefit, no matter what a mess they’ve made of it.
    They’re just lucky the guillotine hasn’t become popular again…

  2. So, y’know, no pressure or anything, just something to keep in mind as you head into the voting booth in a few weeks.
    Which I’m pretty sure is also illegal. “Vote the way I want to or you get fired”? Those ex-employees may find themselves owning a good portion of his money, if not also parts of his ass.

  3. Seems like a real paragon of virtue — Florida real estate/timeshare mogul, admitted to engaging in illegal telemarketing, found guilty of sexual harrassment in a civil action filed by a former employee…
    And he claims to be the real victim. Poor baby. Yes, by all means PLEASE go Galt. You’d find out just how little the world would miss you.

  4. @MichaelF – when they (repub upper crust) make a statement about the non-upper class / welfare cheats / medicare fraud which so clearly seems to be a projection, one has to wonder if their projection isn’t rooted in their past activities in similar activities.
    In the article, he admits to polling his employess and then making sure the ones supporting Bush got registered to vote. Kind of reminds me of the voter Fraud that ACORN was accused of committing (and subsequently exhonerated). I’m sure if asked, I’m sure Siegel would proclaim, “but they’re doing it.” Not to mention, the fact that they made sure the Bush supporters registered clearly shows that the responses weren’t anonymous. I wonder how the pro-Gore employees did in raises, promotions, etc.
    As you point out, illegal telemarketing (I got a call from them on my cell phone), sexual harassment, etc. These certainly don’t make me any more optomistic that employees weren’t targeted for their political beliefs.
    And as far as his dedication for all the little people that helped build his empire, he has clearly indicated a total lack of responsibility or even appreciation for their work in making him a billion dollars.

  5. Who the FUCK does he think was buying his crappy time shares in the first place? Westgate was selling their product to people who couldn’t afford it just like Countrywide was. He caused the collapse as much as anyone.
    What a fucking idiot.

  6. “Find that Christian charity” within himself?
    I am no longer a churchgoer, but I do want to see sp,e robe-wearing man or woman in a pulpit to go off on this jackass.

  7. kind of like a rapist getting pissed off that his victim doesn’t say “i love you” on his way out the door.

  8. kind of like a rapist getting pissed off that his victim doesn’t say “i love you” on his way out the door.
    Very serious subject (actually, two very serious subjects), but that line is brilliant!

  9. I tend to think much the same, MapleStreet — look under the surface and it wouldn’t be at all surprising to find pretty much anything goes with these folks when it comes to morality, ethics…or even just plain legality.
    But they’re always the first to demand the very protections they’d deny to others without a second thought.
    Narcissism doesn’t begin to explain…

  10. Gee, Mr. Siegel, if you want me to live, breathe, eat and sleep your company the way you say you do, perhaps you should bring my compensation a little more in line with your own. As it is, I can’t say I feel too responsible for the choices you’ve made with your life.
    Perhaps you should choose some other way to live? Until then, all I hear is “Whine, whine, whine.”

  11. If that happens, you can find me in the Caribbean sitting on the beach, under a palm tree, retired, and with no employees to worry about.
    I think this fucker just said, “Grab your pitchforks, peasants. Come and get me.”

  12. Yep, Tata — that’s how I took his remarks too.
    The peasants should ensure he gets his Caribbean beach retirement, alright — Guantanamo has some lovely ocean views, I hear!

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