Name Dropping

Big bird-west wing

MSNBC host Laurence O’Donnell is a world class name dropper. He has a hard time getting through his show without name checking Pat Moynihan or mentioning his time as a technical adviser and producer onThe West Wing. I don’t object to name dropping, actually.Gore Vidal was a world class name dropper who could drop world class names at the drop of a world class hat. I’ve been known to drop a name or two in my day but I’m a piker compared to Laurence.

Anyway, there was a whole lotta name droppin’ goin’ on last night on theLast Word.The West Wing’s Toby, Richard Schiff, did a turn segment announcing and discussing Mitt’s Big Bird hokum. I’m abashed to admit it but I’d forgotten about the Muppets appearance onThe West Wing. Woe is me, bop.

Anyhoo, here’s that very amusing segment featuring a bird, a name dropper, an actor and a robot:

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One thought on “Name Dropping

  1. I love this West Wing scenes. Toby defending Miss Julia Child makes me happy every time I watch it. As soon as Romney mentioned Big Bird, I remembered Big Bird & CJ on the bench.
    The West Wing helped me get through the Dark Years, aka The Bush Years.

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