VP Debate Crack Van is ALIVE!

Scout will be your guest driver this evening. Or just take turns at the wheel. NO VIOLENCE. Also no bogarting of the ferrets. Posts in the van belong to their posters, not to anyone else at First Draft. The good scotch is under the front passenger seat. 

Van’s pulled into the gas station to fuel up for next week. See you then!


3 thoughts on “VP Debate Crack Van is ALIVE!

  1. Great van, wish I’d thought of this, or better still, that Biden had thought of this: Repubs have been SO unprincipled over last four years that they’ve allowed the birthers a place in their faction. Would love to have seen Ryan squirm over this..

  2. Watching the recap, it occurred to me, Joe Biden looks like the guy who owns a business, and wants it to be a nice place to work as well as being profitable; Ryan looked like the young MBA with the great resume Biden hired to be CFO who’s happy to make everyone miserable – including the boss – to squeeze a couple more pennies out of the business.
    The boss everyone loves versus the new guy everyone hates.

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