2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Music: I’m A Mess

  1. There are plenty of plceas that will let kids in who are under 21. Bars with poker machines in the bar area are more likely to ask for ID when you order drinks. The poker machines in the bar prohibit kids under age 21 in the bar period. You didn’t say if you wanted to drink or not. If you drink, be very cool, don’t fight, urinate in public or do anything rowdy or you can get locked up in a very nasty prison for the weekend and your parents will have to get you out just a warning that the police won’t give you. I know we have a reputation for “anything goes” but there are tons of cops on Bourbon Street who would probably rather lock up a college age kid than a real dangerous criminal. If you are just coming to listen to music and not get drunk you can have a very good time.References : Live here.

  2. G-Bitch, it looked like you were sutpirpong what he was saying about buffoons and then you are discouraged by his explanation. I think that if Blakely is going to fix things, he needs to figure out what the truth is first. Politicians obfuscate, City Council deliberates and passes unenforceable resolutions, blue bloods run banking, the poor are stuck in a cycle of educational dysfunction and virtual hopelessness, the infrastructure of the city fails at every turn, the police and the DA are inept and refuse to work together, etc. Someone has to stand up and say that a) this is unacceptable and b) this has to change if the city is going to recover and things are going to get better. I think that, because of these comments, he has at least a good handle on what happens in New Orleans. It seems to me that if he ignored the obvious truth that he would be destined for failure. But now he has someone’s trump card. He has called New Orleanians out. Be mad if you want, but I think he’s right. And I think, based on this post, that you think he’s right, too. No matter what, I think he’s in charge for now. I hope he does New Orleans right.

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