8 thoughts on “See, It’s Funny. Because the President is Black.

  1. Before she took a plea deal, Jason Thompson was on the witness list for the Kelly Reindfleisch (sp?) trial. The campaign work she was doing on county time was for Lt Gov candidate Brett Davis, and Jason Thompson was Davis’ finance director.

  2. Racist? How is this racist? Now you people (Ooops! Probably gonna say I’m racist now too) are clinging to the pitiful claim of racismagain for someone saying that there’s an opportunity to send this communistKenyan who spent his early ‘career’ as a “community organizer” inChicago back to Kenya or Chicago? How is that racism? Only a racist liberal would find racism in that.
    That’s not racism unless you’re a quasi-socialist libtard who can’t (or wont) face the fact that your hero the ZerO hasn’t done a damn thing to put people back to work in this country. That’s not racism unless your grasping at straws and coming up empty handed with one thing he’s done that’s been good for theentire country as a whole. That’s not racism unless you’re a liberal who knows he hasno record to run on, so you try to distract the focus from his flaccid performance to bogus claims of “racism.” It’s straight out of the liberal playbook and it’s disgraceful.
    You want to know what racismis? Racismis what got this unqualified fraud of a President elected in the first place. Nine out of ten blacks voted for President ZerO just because he’s black. Thatis racism. The white-guilters voted for ZerO just because he’s black. Thatis racism. It wasn’t based on his qualifications that he had none of, or his experience that he had none of. It sure as hell wasn’t for his love of freedom, liberty and the American way of life. It’s because he’s black, andonly because he’s black.
    That is racism.
    Barack Hussein Obama, the first Affirmative Action President in United States history has done more harm to the blacks in this country than all you liberal puppets combined.
    It sure is fun to watch you hypocritical assholes squirm the way you all are though. Your limp-dick communist President ZerO doesn’t have a record he can run on no matter how hard the media whores try to cover for him. He is such a babbling retard without his precious teleprompter telling him to say what you morons want to hear. I fucking love it.
    To say you’re desperate would be a gross understatement. You’re hopelessly pathetic is what you really are. You’re beyond hypocritical, you’re patently dishonest, and frankly you’re the biggest reason why there is so much racial divide in 21st century America. You are the party that puts race before anything, andyou are the true racists whether you want to admit it or not.

  3. @American Realist: Yep, you’re a racist. Oh, and you’re stupid. Also, you can’t make a coherent statement, which likely stems from your stupidity.
    So please take your projection, illogic, and bigotry elsewhere. Since you aren’t making an argument, there’s no sense addressing your post with a logical rebuttal. Your trolling will not be acknowledged after this post.
    Good day.

  4. Predictable response. Thanks, but I’m not hungry anyways. Thanks for the laugh though Jude. You can fool yourself all day long why you won’t respond, but the reality of it is that you won’t address my post because you can’t argue with what I wrote. It really is that simple. I cite examples of liberal hypocrisy and racism and all you can do is name call in response. It’s predictable and exactly what I expect from the left, so whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night is fine.
    But there’s good news Jude!
    After this post, you won’t have to ignore any more of my facts, cause I’m done. Watching paint dry would be more mentally stimulating than reading any of this nonsensical drivel anyways. I could have a more intelligent conversation with a fuckin’ mailbox than you retards.

  5. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    History repeats itself.
    Looking back, I have to see my parents in a generation making a transition from growing up in the south during the depression, complete with Jim Crowe being the norm (both being in the country, the odds of them even meeting a black person was very low as many in the area didn’t welcome blacks). Although they worked hard to treat everyone fairly, from time to time you could see them do something horrendous without realizing it. Kind of like Archie Bunker – who knew that he was just calling a spade a spade – nothing personal and nothing racist.
    What I find odd is that someone of Tommy’s age could continue to say the same things and not recognize how racist and hurtful they are. The only other explanation is that he knows and doesn’t care.

  6. Jiminies! Just a note to say you don’t have to feel responsible for hosting the content of “American Realist”. Let the AmeriNut get hisself a free blog on yonder at wordpress.com if he needs to speechify the gospel according to Tommy Thompson.

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