8 thoughts on “Second Presidential Debate Van

  1. Thank you so much for the van. Couldn’t have survived the debate without it.
    Also, One million strong on facebook added an image of Bill Maher (and apparently quoting him) that Romney’s 5 point is the same as McCain’s 5 point is the same as Bush’s 5 point. See the pattern?>

  2. Sorry I didn’t make the Crack Van…I’m in the waning evenings of being with my man and was watching w/him. Crap, next week’s debate is on a night I’ll be at my conservative parents’ house?!!?! Sigh. 🙁

  3. I missed the van – and I knew this one had to be a fun one while I listened to the debate snippets i could get – WAAAHHH!!!!

  4. sweetheart,i’m so sorry that you’re feeling lnoley. it can be a lnoley life. i say that even though i have a partner and dogs. just think, though, how long could you last at a “normal” job without getting bored out of your skull? six months? six years? take it from me, it’s nice for a while, but then you realize that your life has become jello and the ennui that accompanies it just isn’t cool anymore. i know it’s hard, but you’re really an inspiration. just, give your self a break sometimes, ‘k?

  5. CONGRATULATIONS ERIN!! (And Travis too!) I think its great and I don’t think you’re crazy. You have great, cute kids and you guys are awesome patenrs. That baby will be blessed to come into such a great family! Keep us posted on when you find out what you’re having!

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