All Christians Should Have The Right to Bully You

I will never understand why the greatest defenders of American Christianity seem to need to think that all Christians secretly want to behave like total assholes:

“Anti-bullying legislation is exactly the same,” Mr. Fischer said. “It’s just another thinly veiled attempt to promote the homosexual agenda. No one is in favor of anyone getting bullied for any reason, but these anti-bullying policies become a mechanism for punishing Christian students who believe that homosexual behavior is not something that should be normalized.”

Fischer is complaining about schools encouraging students to “Mix It Up” by sitting with different kids during lunch periods. I remember my first same-sex french-fry encounter, and it changed me forever. He’s absolutely right to guard against such temptations among our impressionable youth.

Seriously, though, what is wrong with these people that they think all Christians really want the biggest opportunity to be bullies and dicks? Fischer is fighting for your right to tell people they’re living their lives in contravention to God’s will and are probably going to burn in hell for it? Is that what he thinks most Christians should walk around saying to one another? Is that the highest expression of Christianity to which he can imagine aspiring, such that it must be protected so fiercely in math class and now in the lunch room?

It’s not exactly a compliment to his fellow Christians, that this is what he thinks they want.


8 thoughts on “All Christians Should Have The Right to Bully You

  1. Bad enough we made it illegal for him to beat children into submission. That was obviously the thin edge of the wedge. Now the world will be full of uppity children who will grow into uppity adults going around thinking they have rights and stuff.

  2. Even taking race and sexual preference out of the equation, people tend to eat with those in their clique. If the good pastor is really concerned about the Bible, he would want to have the “eat with” program as a way of breaking up the unholy cliques of vanity which all too readily form in school. He should also look at it as a way of those who are so inclined to share their religious beliefs with others.It is also a chance for those of different socio-economic backgrounds to interact.
    Add in race and nationality. My school district was placed under court ordered desegregation when I was 11. Not unsurprisingly, those of similar backgrounds tended to eat together. In my 40s I went back and got a Master’s at a State University. I found it very surprising that despite the passage of time the cafeteria and other areas were de facto segregated. While there were no signs indicating it, there were clearly areas which had become the black seating and others which had become the white seating. Anyone innocently transgressing these boundaries would be followed by the collective stare of all present. So it sure sounds like there is a need for a move to “eat together”.
    Add in sexual preference. Even if you disagree, you will certainly have to work with and for people with different sexual preferences. It is also clear that if you agree with Fischer that you are likely to look for opportunities to bully someone who is different. For that matter, my guess is that Fisher and his group probably have some sort of association with the groups that will deprogram the gay from you. How are you supposed to get anyone to show up if you don’t have any sort of social interaction beforehand?
    But I doubt that is the real problem. My guess is that Fisher is from a church with an internal demand to remain pure by avoiding anyone and anything which may defile / change your mind. The insular position is very comfortable as long as you can retain it. The mandate to eat with different people is a threat to that insulsar existance. The threats are far beyond sexual preference. But the knee jerk reaction is to cite certain inflammatory words uttered without meaning including gay, communist, atheist, etc.

  3. Mr. Fischer has a very narrow view of what “Christianity” is, and I’m guessing most folks aren’t included in it. As someone who tries to be a good Christian (although falls short quite often) it pisses me off when people use Jesus / God to justify their own narrow mindedness. I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t say anything about bullying gay people or any people.

  4. Face it, most Christians are evil assholes. Their idea of Jesus Christ is about as far removed from the dude in the gospels as, I dunno, something very far removed from something else. Fill in the metaphor, I’m too lazy and disgusted.

  5. As a devoted follower of the Jesus found in the Gospels, I’ve just about had enough of American Christianity to just bail out completely. These people make me sick. I wonder if any of them realize that THEY are the “false prophets” that they’re all so obsessively worried about. THEY represent everything that is “anti”-Christ. Just sickening.

  6. Let’s call these people what they are: Nazis. Instead of a swastika, they have a cross. Instead of Hitler, they have this God-Fuhrer they believe in, who must be obeyed unquestioningly–no exceptions. And only one way of living can be allowed- THEIR way. Yes, it’s “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Jesus!” with these folks…

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