Caption This: Romney Blimp Edition

Even I cannot make this shit up:

A blimp-like aircraft that carried advertising showing a beaming Mitt Romney was forced to make an emergency landing in a heavily Democratic part of Florida on Sunday, The Miami Herald reported.

No one was injured in the crash, according to local authorities who spoke with The Herald. Two people were aboard.

The blimp started its flight in Boca Raton, the site of tonight’s debate, and moved south, according to The Herald. The airship carried a message: “America Needs Romney,” along with a picture of the grinning candidate.

The pilot encountered strong winds, according to The Herald. “He just knew he wasn’t going to make it,” a spokesman for the the local police told The Herald, and instead landed the blimp about 150 yards from two homes in a development.

What exactly prompted the
emergency landing is under investigation, according to authorities. And
while the aircraft has been described as a blimp, authorities say it is
actually a “thermal airship.”

A Romney spokesperson said the campaign was not behind the stunt.

Hopefully, this will be a premonitory metaphor for his candidacy. Okay folks, caption away:


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  1. Well, if it had crashed and burned, the metaphor would have been fully realized…

  2. Obviously, it was punctured by a bayonet and the weight of the horses dragged it down.

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