4 thoughts on “The highest paid idiot in the Gret Stet of Louisiana

  1. Admittedly, I don’t get what is underlying the humor.
    But even accounting for a long lens, it almost looks like he he looking at the camera.

  2. MapleStreet — that was the reaction shot of Miles after a pretty awful play call: a fake field goal on fourth and twelve late in the first half of last night’s game. Alabama wasn’t fooled at all, and took advantage of the good field position to score a touchdown just before the half. It might not have been THE critical score, but every score counts in a 21-17 game.
    Les has been known to make, um, questionable calls — sometimes they work out, like a 30-40 yard touchdown pass as time expired (though a field goal would have tied the game and was statistically safer)…sometimes they’re just questionable, like when he called for a quarterback spike-the-ball-play as time expired.
    That said, I don’t think he should be fired: no way does anyone short of Nick Saban do any better down here, and the odds would be much, much greater that you’d go through a decade or so like the 1990s, when LSU regularly stunk…and when they didn’t, could only aspire to 2nd tier bowl games like the one in Shreveport. Miles might be a dim bulb, but he’s got a major league staff to actually coach and recruit…and if he had let his staff coach, they might not have called for the fake right then…

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