A Quick Thought

This picture has nothing to do with the post. It just cracks me up.

I’m no political strategist, but telling people that they’re too stupid to understand why their lazy, mooching, female, “urban,” or entitled asses should vote for the party that has pledged to destroy the things that those people are supposedly dependent on is probably not a good plan to increase that party’s share of the vote totals. Discuss.

3 thoughts on “A Quick Thought

  1. My guess is that the Redumblican leadership thinks the base can be herded/led around to pretty much anything…but the base is, if you ask me, more addicted to the white hot rage they’ve been mainlining for the last decade or so than anything else.

  2. 3 guesses:
    1) The urban / rural divide. Here in the rural area the rhetoric plays well to the base
    2) Single vote issues. For example abortion pulls a lot of voters to one party or the other when they would otherwise have voted the other way.
    3) Mental gymnastics of the voters. For example, all the folks on some sort of govt assistance who didn’t think Romney’s 47% applied to them.

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