Friday Ferretblogging: Claire Fail Edition

Because she’s been an absolute monster all week, chewing on my shoes and making a pest of herself, I present to you a film entitled Claire Is A Less Than Stellar Judge of Distance:

Silly mini-pet.

(Yes, she’s fine, she misjudges a jump like that at least once an hour, and yes, that’s me laughing at her fail, because I’m a terrible parent.)


3 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Claire Fail Edition

  1. garbo says:

    It’s a good thing they are made of fur, jello and pipe-cleaners!

  2. PurpleGirl says:

    That’s not a laugh, it’s a snort.
    Poor mini-pet. I lol’d.

  3. muddy says:

    Sounds like Bill the Cat’s “aaaack”!

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