10 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Love triangles bore me, so don’t even get me started on love dodecahedrons. I prefer my gossip without flow charts, kthxbai.

  2. And this, boys and girls, is why Al Gore invented the internet. So overworked newsroom editors on their 8th cup of coffee in a rush to jump on this story could pull a hilariously doctored book jacket off the internet and broadcast it to their viewers. At home around the dinner table little Suzy gets to ask, “Mommy? Daddy? What’s a snatch?”
    Ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. I thought I was stepping a bit over the line when I thought, “Yeah, All In…Like Flynn.”

  4. No, no, no! Al Gore invented the internet so islamic radicals could snag doctored pix of Osama bin Laden hanging out with Bert (of Sesame Street) for their protest signs!
    Well, that and pr0n.

  5. (Realizing that you guys are more likely to already know the truth about Al Gore and the internet than the people usually making that joke…)
    There is now such a thing as ‘The Internet Society’, which “promotes open dialogue on Internet policy, technology, and future development among users, companies, governments, and foundations.” And they now have an ‘Internet Hall of Fame’, established to “recognize a distinguished and select group of visionaries, leaders and luminaries who have made significant contributions to the development and advancement of the global Internet.”
    Guess who they saw fit to include the inaugural class of members in that Hall of Fame…

  6. That bastardized poster does more harm than good, though. What it says about the attitude toward women in this country — and especially on the right — is very telling indeed.

  7. I’m not sure what to think as I’m unclear on the context of the picture.
    Obviously the TV station either goofed, big time. Or this was some story editor’s attempt at a joke that didn’t rise to even the sophmoric level.
    But I keep looking at the picture. It appears to be from a conference-tytpe presentation. The lady is standing behind a podium with “University of Denver”. Was the picture a combined graphic made by the TV station or was the picture, as shown, part of a joke at the conference?

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