Malaka Of The Week: Walter Shapiro

Athenae took a whack at the veteran hack, Walter Shapiro
earlier in the week
. It’s my turn to play whack-a-hack by making Shapiro
malaka of the week. Shapiro is a competent political reporter who has been
around the block a time or three but he ‘s also one of the avatars of the Beltway
conventional wisdom, which means that he’s
nuts for Senator Walnuts and that’s why he wrote this tripe:

Before the initials CIA came to stand for Covert Intimate Affairs, the
battle over the next secretary of state would have been the main event
of post-election November. Normally, it doesn’t get better than a
brand-name Washington struggle pitting the newly reelected president
against the Republican senator he defeated in 2008 over filling the
Cabinet post soon to be vacated by an ex-president’s wife.

Barack Obama’s ill-camouflaged inclination to name Susan Rice, the ambassador to the United Nations, as Hillary Clinton’s successor would normally be about as contentious as, well, a confirmation hearing for David Petraeus
in 2011. Rice, an undersecretary of state in the Clinton
administration, has by most accounts performed well in a job that pivots
around the micro-wording of Security Council resolutions rather than
grand geopolitical visions.

But all that good will evaporated when Rice, drawing the short straw as Obama’s designated foreign-policy spinner, dutifully made the rounds of the Sunday shows
on Sept. 16, five days after the Libyan attacks. Repeating the White
House line, Rice argued that, based on “the best information,” a
“spontaneous protest” outside the American consulate in Benghazi attracted heavily armed “extremist elements” who murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

John McCain’s splenetic view, Rice’s TV commentary smacks of a White
House cover-up, since subsequent reporting has shown that initial accounts of a triggering protest were incorrect. As McCain put it Wednesday on Fox News, threatening to filibuster the nomination, “Susan Rice should have known better and if she didn’t know better, she is not qualified.”

All of this shit has largely been discredited by McCain’s overweening
malakatude when he skipped a briefing about what happened at Behghazi in order
to go on teevee to complain about being kept in the dark about what
“really” happened. It led to this classic Walnutty moment:

Sorry for posting dipshit Wolfie but this was a classic Walnuts temper
tantrum. Malakas like Walter Shapiro would *never* dare to pose such an
impertinent question to Saint McCain whose inconsistencies are treated like
charming idiosyncrasies. The only thing I find charming about Senator Walnuts
is his daughter, Meghan.

The oddest thing about Shapiro’s piece is that he doesn’t *really* believe
McCain’s conspiratorial bluster but he thinks it could kill Rice’s chances:

As should be obvious, the U.N. ambassador has nothing directly to do
with embassy security, American covert operations in the Middle East or
the flow of intelligence about terrorism. All Rice was doing in her
television appearances on September 16 was reciting from talking points
presumably prepared by the White House national security team based on
information provided by the CIA and other agencies. According to
reporting by Washington Post national security columnist David Ignatius,
the CIA was still clinging to its belief that the Benghazi attacks began with a spontaneous protest when Rice made her ill-fated rounds of the Sunday shows.

So, Mr. CW agrees that Ms. Rice was using CIA talking points but that Obama
should duck a fight over a possible nomination because otherwise McCain will
hold his breath until he turns blue? Sheesh.

I don’t know about you but I like the new look Democratic leadership style.
Both the Prez and Leader Reid seem ready to kick ass and take no prisoners
after the election. They’ve been as feisty as hell and I think it rocks. Mind
you, I think John Kerry should be Secretary of State BUT if the Big O wants
Susan Rice, he should fight for her and it looks as if he will. He seems to
have learned something important from the Denver debate debacle: people love a
fighter, the MSM may not but the people do.

Walter Shapiro is essentially a stand-in for the longstanding malakatude of
the MSM punditocracy. It’s time for them to kiss-off Senator Walnuts and his
diminutive sidekick, Lindsey Graham, but that’s unlikely. The CW will continue
to see them as “moderates” but I think that McCain should zip his lip
and zip up his pants because his Grumpy Old Man/Walter Matthau routine isn’t
wearing very well, and the idea of casting Graham in the Jack Lemmon role makes
we want to, uh, retch up my rice…

2 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Walter Shapiro

  1. Didn’t take my comment the first time.
    Fact that McCain both skipped the Benghazi briefing and went into a tantrum when asked why – says what he really thinks is important.
    To Date Obama holds the records for number of appointements awaiting a vote for congressional approval. Remember when the repubs screamed “up or down”hwi
    While the repubs ran on the economy and jobs, the lack of honest effort in resolving the current “fiscal cliff” says they are happy with the Stock Market’s weak performance this week. They are happy with folks being laid off if they don’t arrive at a compromise.

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