Weekend Question Thread

It’s getting cold out, and turtlenecks make us look like sausages. I keep buying them, because the Anne Hathaway types in the ads look so cozy and svelte, and then I get them on and I realize I look like a bag of meat. A warm bag of meat, but still: Bag. Of meat. Granted, I’m no little lamb, but I’m not that much bigger than average so it’s starting to feel like a design flaw that these things are force-fed to a populace that generally doesn’t look good in them. I vote for a turtleneck-less winter. Also death to the mock-neck. WTF.

What item of clothing would you ban from production if you could?


15 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Leggings as pants.
    Leggings as pants worn with UGGs.
    Also, too – Kiltie tassel loafers, and any loafers that result in toe cleavage.

  2. What’s that thing about prying my turtlenecks out of my cold dead hands? I wear them, one of many layers, nine months out of the year, cuz I haz a neck owie. There is a horrible design flaw, you are right. I am a little dinky person and I have to buy a womens large or a mens medium to get the sleeves to come to my wrists and the neck not to throttle me.
    I wouldn’t ban anything because I like everything, even the really absurd stuff that makes no sense.

  3. I see Dr A has already listed mine (flip flops), but I would also add thongs…especially when worn with pants low enough to show the thong. The other fashion wrong is not so much what is worn, but how; what’s with the guys that wear pants so low that their ass is hanging out. I’m thankful that fad is fading, but ew!

  4. Fashion transvestites, Steller? What other kind is there?
    Oh. Wait.
    Quasi-relatedly, there’s currently an ad in the right column for “the world’s largest online leggings superstore.” I’ve got an eye for bidness, but that one slipped right through my blind spot.

  5. 1. Flip flops worn as shoes! (and then complaining about cold feet when wearing them in the winter). Keep em at the beach, pool, or home!
    2. Overalls on adults and those who are not working on a farm! (but they are cute on little ones!)

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