Boardwalk Empire Thread: Shooting Up The Ritz


Gyp Rosetti is moving in on Nucky Thompson’s Atlantic City
fiefdom. In fact, Nucky is on the run after Gyp’s guys burst into Nucky’s suite
at the Ritz and shot up the joint in the opening scene ofTwo Impostors. The Nuckster is bound to be banned from swank hotel
life after this. It makes a Keith Moon room trashing look sedate. I suspect the
AC Ritz would rather have Led Zeppelin as guests. Should I go on? Nah.

On to a few terse comments about the not so terse turf war, and then I’ll tersely order a surf and turf:

Chalky’s Back:
I’ve been demanding the return of my favorite illiterate but awesome gangster for
weeks now. We’ve had a few Chalky teasers but he’s back in his full blown
glory. Why? Nucky runs home to Chalky after Gyp’s gang seriously wounds his
faithful factotum Eddie. It takes time for Nucky to fully grovel but after Gyp
offers Chalky $25K to sell out Nucky, the latter finally gives in.

Chalky’s proto-Buppie future son-in-law reappears to doctor Eddie’s
gut wound. He keeps saying: “I’m only a student” but it looks like
he’s got a promising future as a mob surgeon. It’s unclear as to whether Eddie will make it
but, hey, at least Nucky knows he has a family now.

Jillian Goes All
Donald Trump On Richard:
Madam Mommie Dearest Jillian has allowed Gyp’s
gang to make her bordello their HQ. Gyp’s motley “war cabinet”
shatters her illusions that her joint is a “resort” by bonking whores
in the parlor. Tacky but predictable.

Richard and Jillian finally fall out when the shy sniper
catches her perusing his scrapbook. She then informs him that he shouldn’t kid
himself about his thing with Julia. Lemme get this straight: the Queen of
delusion is telling someone else that they need to wake up and smell the coffee? Oy.

After Richard attempts to take Tommy away from the Rosetti
horde, Jillian fires his ass. Big mistake, girl. The man has major weaponage
and may use it on you.

To be continued.

Unlucky Luciano:
Charlie Lucky ignores Meyer Lansky’s advice to not take candy from strangers, I
mean, sell smack to strangers. My bullshit detector went off when the so-called
Sicilian gangster from Buffalo was a mute. Luciano’s did not. The dude was a
copper, and busted the artist now known as Charlie Unlucky. Listen to the
little fella next time, Charlie, he knows his shit.

Capone’s Chicago Cavalry:
Just when Nucky thinks he’s doomed, Eli shows up in the company of Al Capone
and a gaggle of henchmen. It was like a scene out of a John Ford movie only
without the horses, blue uniforms and the Monument Valley setting. Hmm, I guess
it was nothing like a Ford film, after all. Never mind.

We have yet to learn the details of the deal Eli cut with
Scarface and the Outfit. One thing for sure: their help will not come cheap.
But as the old saying goes, beggars cannot be choosers and Nucky needs all the
help he can get. Insert obligatory “deal with the devil” quote here.
Me, I’ll listen toBeggar’s Banquet.

Looking Ahead: The season finale is this Sunday and I’m already
experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. Another major character is going to bite
the dust but I’m not sure who it will be. My money is on Gyp whose character
has “one season arc” written all over it. I hope it’s not the case:
Gyp has brought joyful gangsterdom toBoardwalk Empire as a counterpoint to
Nucky’s joyless approach to crime. Nucky may be a good shot but he’s a bit
short on hoodlum joie de vivre if you catch my drift. And who among us doesn’t
like a cheerful sociopath like Gyp?

Jillian is another candidate to take the big sleep, at the
hands of either Richard or Gyp, but the former will spare her if she lets him
take Tommy. The Gypster will give no quarter and show no mercy and that’s
why-God help me-I love the evil bastard.

I’ll let Fred Astaire have the last word this week:

11 thoughts on “Boardwalk Empire Thread: Shooting Up The Ritz

  1. I love the show *and* Steve Buscemi. But I don’t like Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson. I’ll never see Buscemi as a somewhat sophisticated “gentleman” gangster. He will always be a bumbling doofus like Carl Schowalter or Tony Blundetto. Similarly, the intro theme song doesn’t fit the era, either.

  2. I agree on the theme but I like Steve as Nucky. He’s a rough and tumble guy *trying* to be a gentleman. He came from modest circumstances so he’s an awkward gent at best.

  3. The theme music bugs me every time the show comes on. Just a terribly considered choice.
    I expect Gyp’s protector to go down, leaving the Gyp dangling for next season. As much as I’d hate to see the delicious psycho Jillian go away, I also would really love to see her die a spectacularly heinous death. Preferably with Tommmy watching. Or pulling the trigger himself!
    All Hail the Great Chalky White!!! Say what you will, the man has an ethos.

  4. yeah, the theme song is wrong. i think nucky knows who he can trust. all the others abandoned him. only chalky stood by him.
    i am thinking richard gets to take gyp out.

  5. @Robo: Joe Masseria died in 1931 on the orders of Luciano. He could, however, turn on my boy Gyp. Those crazy wise guys are always betraying one another.

  6. The theme music makes me crazy too.
    I want Jillian dead more than I want a pony for Christmas. And I would watch an entire show about Richard Harrow. I would read books about Richard Harrow. I may be a little obsessed. Still, we’re in such a WWI place in our culture right now and I LOVE it.

  7. Ditto on the theme music. Totally wrong for the era and the material. Riveting episode. I’m not sure I’d like to see Gyp or Gillian die. They’re each too deliciously evil.
    Re: Gillian. I wonder if the writers are capable of giving us the inner character. Raped and impregnated as a child. Incestuously in love with her son. Yet she very calculatingly chooses a “son” to seduce and kill. What emotions would that trigger? To love and then kill your son?
    Also, ditto on Richard. Not sure how I feel about his storyline but I love watching the character.

  8. I absolutely love Richard and I fear he is the one who we will say goodbye to on Sunday. At the very least, I expect he will do something to ruin his chances at love with the lovely Julie (i.e.: she’ll witness him killing one or many in a cold, ruthless fashion and get scared.) Jillian may die, but not at the hands of Richard, I don’t think.

  9. I’m going to be the outlier here and say I admire the producer’s choice for the theme. It’s brave and unexpected and yes, it’s also good. The easy thing would have been to choose a period piece. I like guts.

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