One Thought

To anyone who says “if people didn’t have access to guns, they’d kill people in other ways,” I say if you think that we would have seen a spate of mass murders this year if there were no firearms–if you think that there wouldn’t be far, far fewer homicides in this country PERIOD if there were no firearms, then you are a shit-stupid motherfucker who shouldn’t be allowed near stairs lest you hurt yourself. And that is absolutely the nicest way I can put that.

Take care of one another.

3 thoughts on “One Thought

  1. Chris Rock did a comedy routine once about raising the price of bullets to $5,000 apiece, and the thought process that a would-be killer then would have to go through. “Man, I’m going to work and save and put my money away, and then one of these years, I’m going to light you up,” or words to that effect.
    It’s just a comedy routine. But it contains the germ of a serious idea that, in conjunction with other serious ideas, could do some real good.

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