7 thoughts on “The Idiocy

  1. A driving instructor is in control but doesn’t let his/her students drive headlong into oncoming traffic or let things play out when a drunk driver is veering in their direction.

  2. As a believer in God, I think His position is probably something like this:
    “Stop worshiping guns and violence. Then we’ll talk.”

  3. The Greek and Roman gods were, at best, capricious towards humans.
    In many religions, God had evil actions – such as they Mayan sun dial with their god in the center, devouring mankind (though one could make a case that the devoured could be used for re-creation, kind of like Siva in India).
    I wonder though, if our concept of god were as an evil force, would we sit around debating the problem of “good.”

  4. Are you suggesting our concept of god is NOT an evil force? “How blessed will be the one who seizes your young children and pulverizes them against the cliff!”
    This is one sick son of a bitch we’re talking about.

  5. @Aaaargh, personally I see it as a central enigma – how do you explain that good and evil co-exist. And the Bible, while inspired, echoing the struggles of the people of the time.
    Yet even though I can note that the God of the Old Testament was quite a step up from the local worship (such as Baal) the emphasis on a relationship with a country necessarily included an extreme nationalism. And the step to a God incarnate also included, at its core, a rather vengeful death of that same God incarnate.

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