Pulp Fiction Thursday: Forty Guns

Samuel Fullerwas the ultimate cult film director of the 1950’s and ’60’s. He made dark, quirky, and complex low-ish budget movies. Dr. A and I saw this little noir Western gem for the first time last night on TCM. It’s to die for and must-see. Holy contradictory sentiments, Batman. Btw, Fuller’s original title was Woman with a Whip but it made the studio queasy. Hmm, I wondered if he asked Betty Page to be in the cast? Probably not.

The always awesome Barbara Stanwyck’s character is a cross between a a badass rancher chick and a Tammany Hall sachem. She did all her own riding, whip wielding, and stunts, including being dragged by a galloping horse during a dust storm. I kid you not. Fuck yeah, Miz Stanwyck.

Forty gus

Here’s the trailer:

And for the cherry on the pulp sundae, here’s a song written for the flick, High Ridin’ Woman wherein the aforementioned whip was,uh, whipped out in the lyrics or something like that: