5 thoughts on “Save Traditional Journalism!

  1. Dancin’ Dave’s questions and “devil’s advocate” gotchas were such assholery that Obama looks brilliant in comparison. Ross Douthat, David Brooks, and David Gregory with prominent forums in traditional journalism demonstrate that there is not much left to save.

  2. From the Knights of the Round Table:
    Obama is not warm and fuzzy enough.
    Does Obama have the stomach for how difficult gun control legislation is going to be?
    Lawdy, Lawdy what’s a president to do? Be sweet? Be tough?

  3. Not to mention that he was licking his lips at the chance to mention “pain” with regard to social insurance cuts. Fucking sadist.
    Dancin’ Dave makes him sound much nicer and more frivolous than he is.
    Time to start referring to him as “Douchebag Dave.”

  4. For years, the teaser blurbs on TV have made it appear that the goal is to keep you watching rather than inform.
    With the news web pages, it has become clear that the goal is to keep you on their page rather than inform.

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