Not That I Shopped There Anyway …

But suck it, Hobby Lobby.

They’ve always been sanctimonious assholes and look, at times convenience overrides my conscience and I go get something somewhere because it’s cheaper or closer, but this kind of thing’s a no-brainer. These people, and the pizza dicks, and everybody else braying all day long about their religious freedom, are just begging for attention. They don’t actually want to help anybody, they’re not actually concerned about their immortal souls, and they can’t see the difference between the freedom to do what they want to do (like, don’t take birth control pills if you think they’re putting you in danger of hell) and the ability to coerce others into behaving like you would. Giving someone coverage for something is not the same as mandating they do it, whereas denying them coverage may well prohibit it.

To Michael’s for yarn I shall go.


11 thoughts on “Not That I Shopped There Anyway …

  1. I don’t know it will bankrupt them. Private company so no audited financials, but I. 2009 they announced they exceeded $2B in revenue. Looks like they also claim about a 6% CAGR on same store sales, so assume they are in the $2.4B range now. If they can achieve a 30% margin they are north of $700mm in net income (eh claim to be debt free). It isn’t inconceivable they could pay the fine, act the martyr and rally support. The problem is that demographics are against them. The more publicity they receive the more risk they take in alienating customers. The country is roughly 1/3 to 2/3 among women on the issue. The question is how many of the 2/3 are crafters. If there is a huge skew them they might be able to tough it out, particularly since they do not have shareholders.

  2. A non-protest for me, as HL doesn’t show its ugly mug anywhere the SF Bay Area. Still, a-holes are a-holes, and I guess I’ll continue skipping out on Chick-Fil-A and pretend that they’re HL every other time I don’t go. I need better boycotts, I’m a vegetarian. WalMart still sucks, right?

  3. Hmmmm…Michael’s. The guy who built it into a major chain is a long-time conservative donor. Since 2006 it’s been co-owned by Bain Capital.

  4. David Green, the owner of Hobby Lobby just can’t believe there are some things his money can’t buy, like the election or his ability to force his religious views on his employees. These wealthy assholes are not like us. They think their money entitles them to rule the world, and especially their own personal kingdom in any way they see fit. They literally put themselves on another level as gods over the hoi polloi. And of course their own god really loves them because they are such wealthy assholes. Or so they think.

  5. I’ve actually become more interested in Mardel’s Christian stores since our HL in Lafayette has a Mardel’s nestled up nice and tight. A bit of searching on Wikipedia tells me that part of the HL clan split off and started Mardel’s. I’m sure we’ll be treated to a Chick-Fil-A/HL partnership in the near future too. But for yarn, you can’t beat Jo-Ann’s.

  6. Hmmmm…Michael’s. The guy who built it into a major chain is a long-time conservative donor. Since 2006 it’s been co-owned by Bain Capital.

  7. What’s infuriating to me about the HL insurance dust-up is that not only are 95% of the employees women, but 99.9% of the customers are too. Does the owner overlook this fact? I think there just hasn’t been enough media exposure.

  8. Used to have a son who worked for HL. Not awful money for a summer job, and Sundays off.
    One morning, there’s a box in the stacks in the back room … with a baby snake in it, about 8″ long, curled up cold. Entire frelling store staff came to him in a GROUP to “do something! there’s a SNAAAAKKE!!!”
    and this is Texas.
    I swear …
    So, because school, he stopped work there. Next summer he got on at Hasting’s, a couple blocks away. They turned him into a better-than-average barista/short order cook… it’s a bookstore/wifi-cafe/newsstand place.

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