Album Cover Art Wednesday: Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel

The Dead are known for their killer live performances and their mediocre studio albums. They did, however, cut a few good studio records and Mars Hotel is one of them. It’s a ballad heavy LP with 2 classic rockers in US Blues and Scarlet Begonias. It also has swell cover art, which can be seen below:

Mars Hotel Front

Here’s the back cover, which confirms what we’ve all suspected about the Dead, they’re aliens:

Mars Hotel back

Here’s the whole consarn album via planet YouTube:

4 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel

  1. This is my favorite Dead album, hands down. Reminds me of high school, although the album was already five years old by then. “Unbroken Chain” is and always will be a work of art.

  2. I had Mars Hotel as a double album with ‘Wake of the Flood”. Funny that it was ruined in the wake of a flood in my garage, I didn’t store some stuff high enough up

  3. …and, if you hold it in a mirror and turn it upside down, the hieroglyphics under the album title (and on the back cover) become readable…”Ugly Rumors”. (A pun on “roomer”, as in a roomer at a hotel, I think.)

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