3 thoughts on “It’s Just Too Bad We Couldn’t Use Our Freedom Bombs

  1. Wonder how the USA media will spin this. Obama avoided a situation where all the choices were bad choices. He did it without spending billions of dollars for missles and/or troops on the ground (instead paying a relatively infinitesimal amount for diplomacy). The much hated turncoat hippie Kerry was a major player in this. And Russia turned out to be the good guy?
    I can see it now, “Kerry trip costs taxpayers $ 1 million in squandered money”
    BTW – as the Sox won yesterday’s game, are the businesses in Boston rising in a mass demonstration of thanks to Obama coming to Boston which lead to the victory? I haven’t seen anything here, but knowing how nutty conservative a lot of the folks in MO are, is St. Louis rising in mass demonstration against Obama for crushing the hopes and dreams of some local equivalent to little honey boo-boo?

  2. Usually the media likes to say that Obama “stumbled into a solution” as though he’s some dimwit staggering about falling into holes. Oh wait, that description was for the last guy.

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