Worst Governor Ever

I was contemplating posting about my so-called Governor’s reverse Robin Hoodism (abolishing income and corporate taxes in favor of staggering sales taxes increases) but then I read my friendLamar White’s recent PBJ post and decided to do a link and quote instead:

He is, without any question, the single worst Governor in contemporary
Louisiana history, and in lightning fast time, Bobby Jindal has
destroyed institutions, services, and programs that had taken
generations for us to build, shuffling our tax dollars from those most
in need to those who have the most, lining the pockets of his campaign
contributors with public money while disingenuously lecturing the State
about the need for austerity. Louisiana remains at the bottom of all of
those “bad lists” that Jindal once liked to talk about, and because of
Jindal’spersonalpolitical ambitions, he’s refused billions in
federal aid and grant money. He thinks he’s sending a message to
Washington and President Obama about how smart he is; he’s actually just
telling the country that he’s an incompetent political hack who cares
more about serving his financiers than his constituents.

Methinks Lamar deserved his 2012 Ashley Award:

Rising Tide 7 – Ashley Award – Lamar White – Cenlamar blog fromJason Berry onVimeo.

2 thoughts on “Worst Governor Ever

  1. mass says:

    He serves his corporate gods and masters. He’s less christian than my non-believing ass. He’s an incompetent tool.
    The sick, old, very young and poor have less access to relief than when Boy Genius was sworn in, and it’s is only going to get worse for these folks in his closing years.
    Poorer. Sicker. Dumber. Thanks for the “public service” you dumb cocksucker.


  2. pansypoo says:

    regressive. is there anything exempt from sales taxes? ANYTHING?


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