10 thoughts on “Archie Bunker Is The NRA

  1. I remember that segment like it was yesterday, and think of it almost by reflex every time the gun fondlers start talking.

  2. I wonder if anybody here believes there is such a thing as a responsible, conscientious, competent private firearms owner. They do exist. Some of them vote Democratic. It’s time to point out what a masterful job the Vice President and President did in crafting the plan they presented day before yesterday.

  3. Ugh. God. Yes. There are responsible gun owners. I own 2 milsurp rifles. But the problem is that the gun debate is largely not with those people. It’s with people who think they need a 75 round mag for an AR 15 for hunting/home defense and that carrying a gun automatically solves all problems. That if there’s a shooting and there are 30 people concealed carrying or open carrying, none will make any mistakes in who they shoot. The people arguing against gun control are the paranoid types who don’t care about facts or data or reality. They want their toys (face it, guns are mostly toys and magic ego boosting talismans) and that’s all that matters and the fact that there are people who want gun control is proof to them that they need guns to hold onto their guns.
    There was seriously a pundit of some sort declaring gun legislation to be paganism. That is who we are dealing with here because responsible gun owners mostly don’t oppose regulation of firearms. Responsible gun owners hardly ever need to be addressed. It is the NRA and their ilk that is being addressed because they are the ones that dominate the discussion with their screeching and persecution complexes.

  4. “I wonder if anybody here believes there is such a thing as a responsible, conscientious, competent private firearms owner. They do exist.”
    Yes, they exist. So do women who use abortion as birth control. In both cases making the discussion about them misses the point.

  5. What I “love” (in quotes as a rather love-hate to dismay) is that this segment (and a lot of other segments) were topical to the day. Yet the exact same words and ideas are still being used today.
    When will we ever learn?

  6. You know? I HATED “All in the Family” when I was a kid. HATED it. I found zero comedy in the hateful way Archie Bunker behaved and zero comedy in the deplorable way he treated his wife. Never, ever will understand the attraction of that show.

  7. I’m old enough to remember when AITF was an old show, but not allthat old, and nothing has changed since then. I used to know a guy (my age, at the time in his early 20s) who basicallywas Archie Bunker, except he didn’t care so much about having a veneer of respectability; didn’t matter, I still thought he was a loathsome little flatworm.

  8. In the news today (Sunday). Apparently yesterday was “National Gun Appreciation Day” being celebrated by gun shows:
    (CNN) — At least five people — three in North Carolina, one in Indiana and one in Ohio — were injured after weapons went off at gun shows Saturday…
    New York (CNN) — Things a 7-year-old boy expects Mom to put in his backpack: A peanut butter sandwich. Pencils. Maybe even a nice note with a little heart scrawled on it.
    Things he doesn’t: a flare gun, a .22-caliber pistol, a loaded magazine and, for good measure, 14 more bullets in a plastic bag.
    But that’s exactly what a second-grader had inside his Batman backpack Thursday morning when he arrived at Wave Preparatory Elementary School in Far Rockaway in Queens, Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said Friday

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