6 thoughts on “Deep Thought

  1. Norm Coleman was still worse. HE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND ADVISE AND CONSENT. Lugar had to read that part of the Constitution to him.
    That being said, Johnson really did make a bag of hammers out of himself on national TV this week.

  2. He’s mighty dumb…but I think there are at least a few modern Sens who could give Ron’s Johnson a run for his money…let’s see…JOhn Cornyn…former Senator George Allen…Coleman, as Athenae noted.
    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions…Saxby Chambliss…and I’ll end with Jon Kyl and Jim DeMint. Gag.
    Finally, honorable mention to Diaper Dave and Mitch the Turtle. No, they’re not stupid…but they are evil…

  3. You know that when you say something like that, the rest of them take it as a personal challenge? Sure, our political folklore is the richer for it, but holy smokes! Some of these nincompoops are in possesssion of a bit of power in DC. Tread carefully.

  4. When Johnson publicly accused Hillary Clinton of faking tears over the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, I asked myself: Is his jackassitude rehearsed or spontaneous?

  5. I think there are quite a few others who would give him a serious run for his money, as far as the stupid goes. It’s just that RoJo goes out of his way to try to disprove Mark Twain’s point: “Be it a far better thing to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt”.
    His playmates are as intellectually challenged, but they are also more shrewd and politically savvy. They know that they can shove RoJo out on stage to say the assinine things they, too, believe. But he gets to be the lightning rod.

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