Republicans to Immigrants: We Love You Because We’re Losing

Republicans, admitting they’re for immigration reform not for the sake of reform, or immigrants, but to stay in power:

No one better embodied the shifting politics on this issue than McCain, who led the 2007 immigration push with the late Ted Kennedy only to follow his party to the right and oppose even a bill granting a path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants, the DREAM Act, in 2010. Now he’s on the side of reform once again, and publicly welcoming support from former opponent President Obama, who will deliver his own remarks on immigration reform Tuesday in Nevada.

Asked why he felt he had a better chance of success this time, McCain offered a blunt response.

“Elections,” he said. “Elections. The Republican Party is losing the support of our Hispanic citizens.”

Yeah. It’s not like it’s the right thing to do. It’s not like these are PEOPLE, with contributions to make to our society and needs we should try to mind. It’s not like this is something we actually need to give a fuck about beyond the electoral college.

It’s all about us, after all. Us, the white us, the Republican us, the us that needs votes and needs to win elections. If that need happens to dovetail with your need for a job and a driver’s license and not getting arrested for going to school, then hey, we’re all good, but don’t mistake our motivation for a new, deeper understanding of the human condition. We’re just here for the votes.



2 thoughts on “Republicans to Immigrants: We Love You Because We’re Losing

  1. Yeah, A., I couldn’t believe it when I heard McCain repeat this multiple times this week. It shows you how “on autopilot” journalists are when they get this response from the Senator and they don’t do a followup question.

  2. Well they’ve told so many groups that they aren’t welcome (although they have a really big tent, donchaknow).
    And there is always the question if the unwelcome groups moved from unwelcome to welcome as they gained money. Would a person who is child of Mexican citizens but with US Citizenship be welsome if they were part of the 2 %?

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