Pulp Fiction Thursday: Odds Against Tomorrow

Odds Against Tomorrowis a beautifully shot and well acted late period film noir from 1959. It’s a combination caper/social commentary flick produced by star Harry Belafonte. It features yet another skilled variation on Robert Ryan’s villainous shtick as a racist sociopath. It’s director Robert Wise’s last edgy indie film before he went over to the mainstream dark side and directed <sigh>The Sound Of Music among others. Wise pulled out all the stops here and delivered a helluva film before donning lederhosen…

The movie is based on a pretty darn good pulp novel by William P. McGivern:


Here are 2 lobby card variations. One of them is kind of blurry but it’s a great image so what’s a bit of blurriness among friends?

Oddsagainst tomorrow

Odds against Tomorrow

Here’s the trailer, which gets the release date wrong:

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