You say gentrification, I say hipster takeover

There’s a swell article about gentrification in New Orleans by Tulane Perfesser Richard Campanella online at New There’s been a lot of it post-Katrina and it’s a mixed bag. I have no issue with people renovating houses, opening galleries and such, but *some* of the new arrivals are hipster douchebags who want the locals to be grateful that they deigned to move here. I’m a transplant myself but I chose to *become* a local instead of hectoring them about how life is better with trend hopping Trustafarians pricing old hippies, black folks, and working class whites out of the Bywater neighborhood.

I may have officially become an old fart this evening. Frankly, I cannot decide who has been worse for New Orleans in the post-K era, hipsters, planners or NIMBYs. Let’s call the whole thing off:

4 thoughts on “You say gentrification, I say hipster takeover

  1. Bingo. There’s nothing like another community’s hardship to prove one’s own self-worth. Maybe a hat map would help.

  2. And if the hipsters moving in leads to increased property value (becomes increased property taxes which push out the folks who have been there for generations) – no problem.
    And if in the pursuit of the French-Quarter culture of NOLA they push out that culture – no problem.
    And if they are left with a bunch of folks who have eradicated the culture but sit around pretending their facade of that culture is real – no problem.
    I saw this happen in the Carolina coast and admittedly take it rather personally.

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