Malaka Of The Week: Bob Woodward

I usually try not to pile on someone
who’s getting their ass kicked by lots of people. There are, of
course, exceptions to every rule and this is one of them. I am old enough to
remember when Bob Woodward was a jewel in the crown of American journalism. His
work in the 1970’s merited the hype and accolades. The worm (no, not Dennis
Rodman) turned with Woodward’s book about Reagan’s CIA director
Bill Casey wherein Bob-O may have concocted a deathbed conversation with the
aged spook. Things then went from bad to worse, which is why he is malaka of
the week.

You’ve all heard about Woodward’s
claim about what the President knew about sequestration and when he knew it.
(Deliberate Watergate reference.) Woodward went on to argue that Obama should ignore/violate
the law and strong-arm Congress into saying Uncle. A curious position for a man
who helped drive Tricky Dick from office but Woodward is beyond logic these
days. He shares the odd disdain that many Washington insiders have for Barack
Obama. I guess the Prez should spend more time in his jammies at sleepovers at
Bob’s crib…

If that weren’t malakatude enough,
there’s the artist formerly known as Wodstein’s claim that an un-named White
House aide had threatened him. Bob’s claim gave the wingnut media and
blogosphere the vapors. Then it turned out to be a warning from Obama adviser Gene
Sperling that Woodward would be sorry for going off half-cocked. That’s all
there was to it, y’all. Additionally, Sperling is a middle-aged white guy with more
than one chin who hasn’t scared anyone in his years as an aide to Clinton and
Obama. Gene Fucking Sperling, the enforcer? Please Bob. He’s no Chuck Colson.
Hell, he’s barely even a Jeb Magruder or Dwight Chapin…

I started off writing this post with
a buncha, buncha burning hyperlinks but decided not to do the old cut and
paste. Why? Too lazy I guess, just like Woodward who is too lazy to double check
his sources and make sure he knows what the fuck he’s talking about.

Woodward has long been discredited
by his role in propagandizing Bush and Cheney’s war but I still have some pangs
when I see All The President’s Men, The Final Days and The Brethren
sitting dusty in the big ass cedar bookcase in my study. They’re now relics of
a by-gone era when Woodward was a giant instead of a malaka. That, however, is
what he is. He’s clearly a charter member of the malakatude hall of fame,
fallen idols division.

4 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Bob Woodward

  1. I enjoyed all three books you cite, though I remember The Brethren being particularly flattering to Rehnquist…and it was Tony Kushner of all people who once mentioned in passing that he thought The Final Days passage about Nixon trying to chew the childproof cap off the aspirin bottle was a little much.
    But alas, Bob sounds like someone who’s spent too much time with the Serious People…and hell, might even have some regrets about using Tricky Dick as his meal ticket. If I remember, in All The President’s Men Woodward admitted prefering Nixon over Kennedy in 1960…and maybe it’s just me, but his more-than-occasional verbal tics — when relatively simple if multisyllabic words seem to baffle him into robotic intonation — are, IMHO, the verbal equivalent of the Trickster’s general awkwardness.

  2. They were all written with collaborators instead of research assistants and interns, which is why they’re more readable.

  3. I stopped taking Woodward seriously when he started channeling Deathbed Bill Casey. And for you young’uns, that was a long-ass time ago.

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