NOLA Notes: Water Boiling Edition

The power of the Tweeter Tube re-asserted itself today. One minute the water was running, the next it was not. The NOLA twitter squad was on the job and I quickly learned that it was an East Bank (of the river) outage. It took City Hall quite some time to comment and was too busy being cutting edge hipster douchebags to notice for 40-45 minutes. Way to, uh, cover the waterfront, y’all.

I’ve decided to do a bit more NOLA-centric blogging here. A has encouraged me to do so in the past and pandering to my editrix is always a good idea. I love typing and saying editrix. Besides, today’s water fuck up is your future America. Ignore your infrastructure at your own peril. Jeez, I sound like Rachel Maddow, which is good as long as I don’t find myself rooting for Tom Brady…

One more thing. One of my twitter pals posted a link from the Beeb gushing over NOLA becoming a “boutique city.”Guess that means we sell overpriced frocks and $75 dog collars…

6 thoughts on “NOLA Notes: Water Boiling Edition

  1. cutting edge hipster douchebags sounds about right. They’ve recently opened a Baton Rouge bureau, probably to tweak the Manships (Advocate). The office looks like it’s designed to look outre/cutting edge.
    If it was me I think I would’ve cut the BR bureau and invested in putting out a New Orleans newspaper every day of the week.
    Hope the water comes back soon. Was mentioning the other day to someone that I just don’t know how people existed before running water. And I do mean existed. No way can you live like that.

  2. We cut off and have not looked back. We now get the New Orleans edition of the Advocate delivered to the house, and it’s not the same, but I appreciate the efforts of the Manships and give them A+ for trying. We’re old-time readers of both newspapers, and the Advocate was usually better at covering state politics. I use “The Lens” and “Gambit” online for further news. When fired half the staff, it was plain that the coverage would not be the same.
    I look forward to more NOLA blogging from you, Adrastos.

  3. Adrastos, you hear the Les Miles rumor? Some slap at Western Kentucky sez he’ll resign tomoro after discovery of affair with a student.
    My source, pretty high up at LSU, calls bullshit. But it’ll be big for a day or two even if it is bullshit. Am sure has Jim kleinpeter and others on it. Beats the water beat. Who needs water? We want Tiger news!!! This is Looooweeezeeeeanna!

  4. If I ever pay $75 for a dog collar, rest assured it is not going on a dog.
    My bride and I have to make at least one more trip down to Bat Country to deal with some issues related to her mother’s estate, after which she hopes never to return. But, Adrastos, if we get down there (and it might not be until after I finish grad school in December), she’ll be with the lawyers and accountants all day and I’ll be pretty much at loose ends, so I’ll hunt you up.

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